Playboy Presents the 50th Anniversary Designer Collection

World's Leading Fashion and Product Designers Pay Homage to Playboy's 50 Years

Of Style

Oct 13, 2003, 01:00 ET from Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of its 50th Anniversary,
 Playboy Enterprises, Inc. will unveil a unique collection of limited edition
 and one-of-a-kind fashion and consumer products, designed by some of the
 world's best visionaries in their respective specialties.  Each designer,
 inspired by Playboy's rich heritage, iconic style and the world-famous Playboy
 Rabbit Head, has collaborated with Playboy's product licensing division to
 produce inimitable products and designs that will be available at retail
 beginning Holiday 2003.
     The 50th Anniversary Playboy Designer Collection consists of more than 20
 fashion designs and lifestyle product offerings across 15 categories, all
 limited edition with each category exclusive to a leading designer.  In
 addition to the limited-edition collections, all of the designers have created
 a sensational one-of-a-kind piece in their respective category to commemorate
 Playboy's major milestone in history.  The one-of-a-kind pieces will be
 showcased at various Anniversary events and retail locations across the globe,
 before being auctioned for charity in Spring 2004.  Some of the limited-
 edition designer collections will be available for sale from November 2003 at
 exclusive retail locations in major cities around the world, including Henri
 Bendel in New York, Selfridges in London, The Playboy Concept store in Tokyo,
 and Seibu in Hong Kong as well as individually through some of the designers'
 own retail distribution channels. Some of the 50th Anniversary one-of-a-kind
 items, as well as some signed limited-edition items, will go on tour around
 the country and the globe, culminating with a sale at auction in New York
 early next year with all proceeds benefiting DIFFA (The Design Industries
 Foundation Fighting AIDS).
     The designers confirmed so far are listed below:
      Category:     Ready to wear
                    Diane von Furstenberg has created a limited edition wrap
                    dress in a Playboy print. This exclusive print is inspired
                    by the classic silhouette of the iconic Playboy Bunny.
      Category:     T-Shirts
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind women's t-shirt and limited edition men's
                    t-shirts (2 styles)
      Description:  The one-of-a-kind women's white t-shirt is covered in
                    vintage Playboy cover prints and hand-stitched creating a
                    3-D aesthetic. The official Playboy 50th Anniversary logo
                    will be embroidered in the center of the front of the
      Category:     Jewelry
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind pendant, limited edition lockets and
                    cufflinks (2 styles)
      Description:  This British Classic Avant Garde Jeweler has created a one
                    of a kind 18 kt. white gold and diamond key pendant with
                    the Playboy Rabbit Head. The 18 kt. yellow gold lockets
                    will feature the Playboy Rabbit Head Icon in black enamel
                    or diamond pave. The Playboy Rabbit Head cufflinks will be
                    available in 18 kt. yellow gold or sterling silver.
      Category:     Minaudiere
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind and limited edition minaudiere (1-2 styles)
      Description:  A Playboy Rabbit Head shaped minaudiere encrusted in
                    Swarovski crystals featuring the Playboy Rabbit Head icon.
      Category:     Cosmetics
      Product/s:    Limited edition lipstick and limited edition glitter cream
      Description:  A special limited edition MAC collection commemorating
                    Playboy's 50th year. Inspired by the sheer fabulousness of
                    the original Playboy Bunnies, a Bunny Pink Lustre Lipstick
                    and Playmate Pink Glitter Cream -- a gold-tinged
                    sparklescent pink.
      Category:     Denim
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind women's denim outfit and limited edition
                    women's denim collection consisting of a tail-coat (1
                    style), an evening jacket (1 style), and jeans (1 style)
      Description:  Premium Japanese RS stretch black denim with black satin
                    lapels, hand embellished gold leather Playboy Rabbit Head
                    applique and diamantes. Embroidered gold silk lining with
                    Playboy Rabbit Heads and large 50th Anniversary Playboy
      Category:     Hats
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind hat and limited edition hats (3 styles, 1
                    pattern, 2 colors)
      Description:  Three unisex Playboy Warhol hats. The black/silver and
                    black/gold graphic hats are offered in a mini trilby, a
                    cloche and a cap.
      Category:     Men's and women's Streetwear.  Men's Formal Wear.
      Product/s:    Velour men's and women's track-suits. One-of-a-kind
                    overcoat, tuxedo and dress shirt
      Description:  Black (men's) and pink (women's) velour suits with
                    signature drawstring and embroidered Playboy Rabbit Heads
                    and Sean John Signature.  A wool gabardine tuxedo with
                    Playboy Rabbit Head and Sean John Signature printed silk
                    lining, cummerbund and bow tie. A silk jacquard Playboy
                    Rabbit Head and Sean John Signature dress shirt. A black
                    cashmere overcoat.
      Categories:   Haute Couture
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind haute couture gown and one-of-a-kind pair of
      Description:  A quartz pink, lilac & powder green hand-draped silk,
                    chiffon & wide tulle evening gown with coordinating maxi
                    scarf, hand embroidered in gold filament thread with
                    signature Playboy Rabbit Head and "DV" motifs, which is
                    hung across the body in fluid drapes.
      Category:     Specialty Fashion
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind bustier and hipster mini kilt
      Category:     Hosiery
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind tights and stay-ups and limited edition
                    tights (1 style) and stay-ups (1 style)
      Description:  Sexy sheer tights and stay-ups using the Playboy Rabbit
                    Head as decorative element. Stunning opaque/transparent
                    optic due to Wolford's special knitting technique using a
                    seamless bicolor design in skin-tone/black.
      Category:     Skateboard
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind skateboard and limited edition skateboard
                    (1 style) designed by Birdhouse
      Description:  A world-class skateboard that features the Playboy Rabbit
                    Head, the 50th Anniversary seal and icon graphic print.
      Category:     Snowboard
      Product/s:    One-of-a-kind snowboard and limited edition snowboard
                    (1 style)
      Description:  Burton Snowboards, the world's leading snowboard company,
                    is honoring Playboy's 50th Anniversary with a limited
                    edition Playboy Custom 158 cm snowboard.
      Category:     Luxury accessories for men
      Product/s:    One of a kind timepiece, limited edition lighters and dice
      Description:  Dunhill will create a limited number of highly collectible
                    pieces, including an 18 kt. gold timepiece with a unique
                    dial, a series of limited edition palladium and gold
                    plated Rollagas "Playboy" lighters, Dunhill's original
                    1950's iconic design. True to the Playboy gaming heritage,
                    Dunhill will also create a luxurious leather dice box.
     Playboy's branded line of licensed fashion and consumer products has
 experienced exceptional growth at retail since its repositioning in 1999, with
 global retail sales estimated to be more than $350 million in 2003.  Playboy
 consumer products have enjoyed success at some of the world's most fashion
 forward stores including Patricia Field in New York, Fred Segal in LA, Colette
 of Paris, Fiorucci in Milan and Harrods in London.  Last year also saw the
 launch of the first freestanding Playboy fashion boutique, Playboy Tokyo in
 the trendy Aoyama district, neighboring retailers such as Prada and Miu Miu.
 Well-known celebrities and fashion influencers spotted wearing Playboy
 fashions and accessories include Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Janet
 Jackson, Jade Jagger, Snoop Dogg and Lenny Kravitz.
     Alex Vaickus, President, Global Product Licensing said, "We are extremely
 honored that such creative talents have come together to help celebrate our
 Anniversary and recognize Playboy's 50 years of style and pop culture
 relevance.  Our products are experiencing great success across the globe and
 we anticipate that this offering will cement our place as one of the leading
 lifestyle and fashion brands in the world."
     About Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
     Playboy Enterprises is a brand-driven, international multimedia
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 world; operates television networks and distributes programming via home video
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