Plone Foundation Created to Strengthen Open Source Plone for Community and Business

May 24, 2004, 01:00 ET from Plone

    LAS VEGAS, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Plone Community today announced the
 formation of the Plone Foundation, an organization committed to elevating the
 use of the Plone open source content management software, expanding its
 integration in software solutions and increasing collaboration and development
 with the open source community and industry.  Plone's international community
 and collaborative development effort is dedicated to delivering leading
 content management solutions for customers. This international volunteer
 effort is dedicated to the support of Open Source software projects based on
 the collaborative model of Plone.
     "This is an important step forward for Plone projects," said Alan Runyan,
 Plone Foundation President. "The Plone Foundation will protect the efforts of
 the community of developers working on our Open Source projects, while
 providing a pillar of strength and stability for our customers."
     Supporting Collaborative Development
     The Foundation will provide development, marketing, and financial support
 for Plone and related projects. This support comes as Plone is developing
 critical mass as the most popular and powerful open source content management
 system. Although the Foundation will provide oversight for all Plone
 activities, the technical aspects of each project will continue to be governed
 by each project team.
     "The Plone Foundation will further drive collaborative, Open Source
 development within the broader global Linux community," said Sam Greenblatt,
 Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of Computer Associates' Linux
 Technology Group. "CA will contribute code and a dedicated team of engineers
 to the Plone Foundation and will also utilize releases from the Foundation --
 thereby ensuring that both the community and commercial customers benefit from
 all of the skill and creativity being exercised in the marketplace."
     The Plone Foundation Leadership
     The Plone Foundation has established a founding board of directors which
 will be responsible for the execution of the foundation's charter. The board
 is made up of long-standing supporters and contributors to Plone and other
 Open Source products. Members of the board include:
      -- Alan Runyan, Enfold Systems (USA) - President
      -- Alexander Limi, Plone Solutions (Norway) - Vice President
      -- Matt Hamilton, Netsight (United Kingdom) - Treasurer
      -- Geoff Davis, Independent (USA) - Secretary
      -- Robert Boulanger, Blue Dynamics (Germany)
      -- Bernard Buhlmann, 4teamwork (Switzerland)
      -- Mark Murphy, Tyrell (USA)
      -- Mark Barrenechea, Computer Associates (USA)
      -- Sam Greenblatt, Computer Associates (USA)
     The members will represent those organizations and individual developers
 who have contributed significantly to the development or marketing of Plone.
     About The Plone Foundation
     The Plone Foundation provides organizational, legal, marketing, and
 financial support for the Plone open source software projects. The Foundation
 is incorporated as a membership-based, not-for-profit corporation to ensure
 that the Plone projects continue to exist beyond the participation of
 individual volunteers, to enable contributions of intellectual property and
 financial support, and to provide a vehicle for limiting legal exposure while
 participating in Open Source projects. For more information on the Plone
 Foundation, please visit
     About Plone
     Plone is the leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions
 with a strong focus on usability, standards, internationalization and
 accessibility. Plone is technology neutral, and runs on Linux, Windows,
 Solaris, Mac OS X and other platforms. Plone was recently awarded the
 Analyst's Choice Award in eWeek, and is renowned for its ease of use. For more
 information about Plone, please visit