PodShow Takes Podcasting to the Publishing World With the Exclusive Release of Scott Sigler's Newest Novel, Infection

Team Is Making Publishing History by 'Chapter-Releasing' Books in Podcasts and

Selling Online Ahead of First Print

Mar 09, 2006, 00:00 ET from PodShow, Inc.

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in
 podcasting, today announced that Infection, the new novel from
 critically-acclaimed author Scott Sigler, will first be released exclusively
 on the PodShow Podcast Network. In a radical departure from traditional
 publishing, the company is releasing Sigler's new novel chapter-by-chapter
 through podcasts created by Sigler, prior to releasing the book in print.  In
 an even greater departure from business as usual, the "Sigler Sessions"
 personal chapter podcast readings by Sigler will be offered at no cost to
 listeners. This new release highlights a string of innovations that is helping
 PodShow to redefine the business model for authors and, in the process, have
 the same disruptive effect on the publishing industry that podcasting has had
 on the struggling radio industry.  Building on the anticipation of legions of
 loyal readers and listeners who have discovered Sigler through the author's
 previous Internet blockbusters, Earthcore and Ancestor, the release of
 Infection, slated for March 11, 2005 on the PodShow Network (www.podshow.com)
 is expected to create a far greater demand.
     Scott Sigler is already famous across the Internet for his first two
 novels, and, with only viral marketing, has amassed an eager and loyal
 audience generating hundreds of thousands of downloads across the globe.
 Sigler and PodShow are distributing Sigler's newest blockbuster, Infection, in
 unabridged serialized chapters to an eager audience of thousands of
 pre-registered subscribers. The audience for Infection is expected to grow
 quickly through exposure to the PodShow Podcast Network, the largest network
 of independent podcast listeners. The company expects to be able to monetize
 this promotion by creating additional content in print, games, audio and video
 for this core audience and expanding the reach through selective sponsors who
 covet the author's upscale, diverse and influential audience.
     "If there were a literary category named cool-sci-fi-suspense-techno-
 thriller-smart-horror, Scott Sigler would be at the top of the list -- he
 creatively melds classic suspense and character development with
 controversial, cutting-edge developments in science and technology," said Adam
 Curry, Co founder and President, Podshow, Inc. "Scott's availability to his
 active fan base has created an online community that is truly infectious, and
 this listener-driven phenomenon is turning the publishing model on its head...
 I can't wait to hear the new voices created by Infection."
     "PodShow has been the innovator of what we call Advertising 2.0 -- the
 model that is changing the face of advertising -- and now we are working with
 Scott to demonstrate 'Publishing 2.0'," said Ron Bloom, CEO and Co founder,
 PodShow, Inc. "Scott's unique ability to utilize the tools of social media to
 create a new form of story telling has the ability to eclipse traditional
 publishing as we know it."
     Scott Sigler's Infection was exposed to PodShow through a November 2005
 promotion named "The Undition," which enabled over 2000 podcasters to nominate
 their existing shows as well as their creative concepts for new shows for
 addition to the PodShow Podcast Network.  The company is already working with
 several other authors and publishers to enable them to take advantage of the
 company's Publishing 2.0 model.  PodShow is now working with Sigler to extend
 his storytelling capabilities into unique content designed specifically for
 the small screen, such as Video iPods and mobile phones.
     "The audience-driven phenomenon of podcasting has enabled me to go far
 beyond the traditional publishing model to connect with and entertain my
 audience," Sigler said.  "What would have taken me years to accomplish before
 podcasting is now possible in a matter of weeks. I can't wait to give PodShow
 listeners a taste of my best work yet -- Infection."
     Recent additions to the PodShow Podcast Network now enjoy promotion and
 feature placement across a network of millions of listeners in PodShow's
 leading directories, communities and listener destinations -- PodShow.com,
 Podcast Alley, indiePodder.org, Podsafe Music Network, Sirius Satellite Radio
 Channel 103 and PodFinder for iTunes. Additionally, these shows are delivered
 from PodShowPDN, the first, truly high-performance content delivery network
 meeting the specific needs of podcasting.
     About Scott Sigler
     A literary phenomenon that crossed-over from the world of podcasting,
 Scott Sigler's Earthcore was first released in chapter format in March 2005.
 Amongst the thousands of early listeners, Sigler found his current publisher,
 contributing graphic artists as well as interest from television producers and
 film studios. Recognizing that his podcast audience grew through personal
 interactions with fans, Sigler is committed to building online and print sales
 through the word-of-mouth marketing generated by his popular podcast series.
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