Political Consultants Combine Internet Savvy with Old-Fashioned Candidate Experience

Jun 16, 2004, 01:00 ET from Kimball Political Consulting

    SPRINGFIELD, Mass., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Kimball Political
 Consulting (KPC), a new player in the political arena, is ready to launch the
 careers of Republican candidates for any office.  KPC has developed innovative
 techniques not seen before in political campaigns; one of the firm's
 specialties is the use of the Internet to provide interactive
 communication between candidates and voters.  In the past, candidates have
 tried to use the Internet as they would billboards or newspapers. In the
 digital age, the Internet can function more like a cellular campaign
 headquarters, providing voters with instant access to candidates and
 campaigns. Instant conferencing and lively graphics attract young voters who
 were raised on Web surfing.
     Asked what makes KPC so special, Dr. Roger Desmond, a Senior Consultant,
 believes that integrated marketing communication strategies using the Internet
 that have been used for years in the commercial world can be applied to the
 political arena, giving candidates a different type of strategy.  Attorney
 Jeffrey Kimball, the president of the firm, said, "Candidates are going to
 profit from the blend of practical experience and innovative ideas our
 organization has to offer."
     KPC is exclusively right of the aisle; they work for Republicans only.
 When asked why, Kimball said, "That's simple.  We are all Republicans here;
 why would we work for a different ideology?"  The inner staff includes
 academics Desmond and Dr. Grayson Kimball, along with political experts Ben
 Rogers, Shane Martin, Catherine Yuan, and Spencer Kimball.  Martin, the
 Managing Director, works directly with clients and is the liaison between the
 staff and the candidate.
      Contact: Spencer Kimball
      Tel: 617-512-7506
      Email: kpcwins@Kimballpc.com
      Website: http://www.kimballpc.com
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