Politico.com Launches Plays for the Presidency

Interactive Blog Cracks the Code of 2008 Campaign Strategies

Economists Have Game Theory. Chemists Have the Periodic Table. So Why Not


May 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from Politico

    WASHINGTON, May 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- You run plays. Plays are
 run on you. And if you're in politics, this has never been more true. Just
 ask Hillary, Barack, Edwards, Rudy, Mitt, McCain and the others. They're
 the featured playmakers in the biggest Presidential election of our time.
     But how can the voters -- the ultimate players -- get their arms around
 it all?
     To crack the code of this epic contest and the spin machines that will
 befog it, The Politico, the nonpartisan online political news startup,
 announced its debut of "Plays for the Presidency"
 (http://www.politico.com/playsforpresidency/). Created and written by
 political scholar and consultant Michael Cornfield
 (http://www.politico.com/playsforpresidency/bios/MichaelCornfield/) and
 entrepreneur and author Alan Kelly
 (http://www.politico.com/playsforpresidency/bios/AlanKelly/), "Plays for the
 Presidency" is a first-of-a-kind interactive political blog based on Kelly's
 landmark strategy and prediction system, The Playmaker's Standard(TM) and
 critically acclaimed new book, "The Elements of Influence."
     Three times each week, Cornfield and Kelly post their descriptions and
 predictions on the 2008 race, derived from an easy-to-learn classification
 system of 25 irreducibly unique "plays" in politics, business and pop
     From the subtle Ping of a soft-sounding surrogate to the outrageous
 Peacock of a desperate dark horse, these are the moves that build a base,
 outwit rivals and win elections. Visit their inaugural posts at
     -- Crazy Ivan: McCain Damns the Torpedoes.  The Crazy Ivan is a good
        strategy for a bad day...and an embattled Presidential candidate, too,
        like John McCain.
     -- Scrappy Screener: Edwards Takes on McCain While GOP Field Pauses.
        Responding to McCain's Crazy Ivan is a no-brainer for John Edwards and
        a "zugzwang" for GOP rivals.  Here's why.
     -- Ballooning Drama: Fred Thompson Tests the Political Breeze.  The
        Senator/Actor knows his lines...and how to run plays.  Here's how he's
        staging his warm up act in his play for the Presidency.
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