Polycom Announces HDX 4000 Series - First Executive Desktop Video Systems with HD Voice, Video and Content Sharing

Polycom HDX 4000 brings UltimateHD to the desktop with an integrated,

all-in- one system offering highest levels of performance for any video


Jul 24, 2007, 01:00 ET from Polycom, Inc.

    PLEASANTON, Calif., July 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Polycom, Inc.
 (Nasdaq:   PLCM), the world's leading provider of unified collaborative
 communications solutions, today announced the Polycom HDX(TM) 4000 series,
 the only executive desktop video conferencing systems to offer a complete
 UltimateHD(TM) experience including HD voice, HD video and HD
 content-sharing capabilities. The all-in-one solutions will work seamlessly
 with Polycom conference room and telepresence video systems (and other
 standards-based, IP video conferencing systems), and offer the highest
 levels of quality and performance in a desktop solution to support any
 video collaboration application, including those that require the optimal
 HD video, voice and content clarity for natural communication and
 collaboration across distances.
     The Polycom HDX 4000 solutions are complete, integrated video
 conferencing systems elegantly designed to fit on an executive desktop as a
 personal system, at a small table, or in a small conference room to support
 up to four people on camera. HDX 4000 systems contain all necessary
 components including an integrated 20-inch 16:9 display that can double as
 a PC monitor; a built-in HD camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability;
 integrated dual HDX microphones, high-fidelity speakers and subwoofers; a
 powerful, standards-based HDX video conferencing codec; and a stand with an
 integrated keypad that allows users to dial or answer video calls just like
 a telephone.
     Applications for the system include enhanced communication and
 collaboration among coworkers, partners, and customers, as well as a broad
 range of business applications that rely on small but critical details for
 a variety of industries, including merger and acquisition negotiations,
 outsource management, manufacturing processes, hiring procedures, customer
 and partner negotiations, and research and development design activities.
 The ability to simultaneously share content in high definition, such as
 architectural or CAD drawings, animation, movies, or images from HD
 document cameras such as detailed circuit boards, intricate fabrics,
 patient X-rays, etc., creates new opportunities to streamline and
 accelerate business processes in fields such as medicine and healthcare,
 education, manufacturing, filmmaking, fashion and design, advertising and
     Industry First HD Video and HD Content
     The HDX 4000 delivers HD video resolution - 720p (1280x720) resolution
 at 30 frames per second (fps) - at 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps bandwidth, and standard
 definition quality - 4CIF 704x575 at 30 fps - at just 256 kbps of
 bandwidth, providing extraordinary video quality even at low data rates.
 Through patent- pending PC content collaboration capabilities, the system
 will deliver simultaneous HD streams for People and Content , which is HD
 video and HD content appearing on the screen at the same time, with
 one-button transmission from a PC or Mac. The HDX 4000 is unique in that
 the content source can show all types of content in native resolution up to
 720p (1280x720), including video, animation, engineering schematics,
 architectural drawings, PowerPoint presentations, and images from high
 definition document cameras.
     Unrivaled HD Voice with StereoSurround
     The HDX 4000 delivers unrivaled HD voice quality, which offers the most
 natural voice communications experience available on a video system. The
 Siren22(TM) (22kHz) StereoSurround(TM) super wideband audio technology
 offers stereo voice separation for clarity and intelligibility as well as
 reduced listener fatigue during longer meetings. The patent-pending
 microphone technology picks up voices clearly with stereo separation adding
 a spatial aspect of room location to the speaker's voice, while reducing
 background noises, such as typing on a keyboard, for enhanced clarity. The
 microphones are also immune to interference from cell phones and other
 wireless devices.
     Unified Conferencing and Telephone Dialing for Video Calls
     The integrated keypad on the HDX 4000 allows users to dial a video call
 just as they would a telephone call, or answer a video call by touching a
 single button. The HDX 4000 also features a telephone-line connection
 allowing people calling in from a desktop, conference or mobile phone to
 seamlessly join a call for a unified voice and video conference. This also
 allows the system to be used as a high-quality desktop speakerphone (VoIP
 or POTS) when not in a video call.
     "Polycom is pioneering a true high definition video conferencing
 experience with solutions that go beyond just HD video resolution to
 deliver optimal HD quality for all the elements of effective communication
 over distance -- voice, video and content sharing," said Joe Sigrist,
 senior vice president and general manager of video solutions at Polycom.
 "We call this holistic experience UltimateHD and we are bringing it to the
 desktop with the HDX 4000 series, the most powerful systems in its class."
     HDX 4000 systems are designed to fit into the natural work flow at the
 desktop when workers use the system also as their primary PC monitor. The
 HDX 4000 features a floating user interface that allows users to control
 the video system, either answering or dialing a video call, without
 disrupting the documents or applications they are working on.
     Options for the HDX 4000 series include: embedded four-way multipoint
 capability that supports four sites within a call; and, People On Content,
 an innovative feature that uses chroma-key technology, allowing users to
 become part of their presentation by displaying static or full-motion
 content behind them during a call (also known as "the weatherman" feature).
 The systems also have optional network interfaces for easy access to ISDN
 or satellite networks. There are two models: The HDX 4002 (HD 720p system)
 and the HDX 4001 (SD 480p system).
     The Polycom HDX solutions are based on the Polycom UltimateHD
 architecture, the foundation for the industry's only integrated and
 complete HD video collaboration offering that includes video systems, video
 multipoint control units (MCU), HD recording, streaming and playback
 systems (for both video and content), HD video content management, related
 HD services, and integrated Polycom HD Voice endpoints. The Polycom
 UltimateHD architecture gives customers the quality, scalability, backwards
 compatibility and end-to- end integration they require.
     To assist customers deploying HD video conferencing, Polycom offers a
 comprehensive suite of HD Readiness services through its channel partners
 -- from planning and design to evaluating and optimizing HD video
 performance on existing networks to standard maintenance and service
     Pricing and Availability
     The Polycom HDX 4000 Series can be ordered today through certified
 Polycom channel partners with availability planned for the fourth quarter
 of 2007. North America list price starts at US$7,999.
     About Polycom
     Polycom, Inc. is the worldwide leader in unified collaborative
 communications (UCC) that maximize the efficiency and productivity of
 people and organizations by integrating the broadest array of high
 definition video, wired and wireless voice, and content solutions to
 deliver the ultimate collaborative experience. Polycom's high quality,
 standards-based conferencing and collaboration solutions are easy to deploy
 and manage, as well as intuitive to use. Supported by an open architecture,
 they integrate seamlessly with leading telephony, workplace wireless
 telephony, and presence- based networks. With its market-driving
 technologies, best-in-class products, alliance partnerships, and
 world-class service, Polycom is the smart choice for organizations seeking
 proven solutions and a competitive advantage from on-demand communications
 and collaboration. For additional information, call 800-POLYCOM or visit
 the Polycom web site at http://www.polycom.com.
     Polycom reserves the right to modify future product plans at any time.
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 not guaranteed, and will be delivered on a when and if available basis.
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 UltimateHD, Siren22 and StereoSurround are trademarks of Polycom in the
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