Polyganics Starts Clinical Trials With Its Degradable Nasal Dressing

Feb 11, 2003, 00:00 ET from Polyganics B.V.

    GRONINGEN, Netherlands, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Polyganics B.V. has
 announced that the first patients have been enrolled in the multi-center
 clinical study for its degradable nasal dressing. The study is conducted by
 Dr. Hans Claessen (Groningen), Dr. Tjasse Bruintjes (Apeldoorn) and Dr.
 Maarten Majoor (Ede), all in The Netherlands. The clinical study objective is
 to assess intra nasal healing after application of the degradable nasal
 dressing at 10 and 30 days post procedure.
     Commercially available non-degradable nasal dressings need to be removed
 after several days, which is associated with strong discomfort for the
 patient. The Polyganics' degradable nasal dressing exhibits compressional
 strength comparable to the currently available non-degradable dressings but
 offers highly enhanced comfort to the patient as it degrades over time. After
 degradation, the dressing is drained from the nasal cavity. Therefore no
 additional removal procedure is required anymore, which avoids a painful
 follow-up visit for the patient.
     The Polyganics' nasal dressing is composed of a purely synthetic material
 offering maximum safety and comfort to the patient as an alternative to
 currently used non-degradable or animal-derived materials. The Polyganics'
 nasal dressing can be applied as a post-surgery nasal dressing but also to
 treat severe nose bleedings.
     If the trial is successful, Polyganics has the first commercially
 available nasal dressing combining strength and patient comfort, says Jan Smit
 (Managing Director). The global market for nasal dressings has an estimated
 potential of $150 million per year.
     The degradable nasal dressing is one of a series of medical products based
 on Polyganics' proprietary synthetic bioresorbable materials that exhibit
 superior properties and offer break-through new alternatives for e.g.
 animal-derived materials. The Polyganics' nasal dressing is expected to
 receive FDA clearance and CE Mark registration in 2003.
     Polyganics B.V., a privately held biomedical company based in The
 Netherlands, develops and manufactures medical devices based on bioresorbable
 biomaterials, including biodegradable surgical implants, injectable/implant
 drug delivery systems and bioactive coatings. Polyganics designs synthetic
 biomaterials and new product concepts that will be sold globally through
 strategic alliances and distributors.
     Polyganics' novel synthetic bioresorbable products strongly reduce the
 number of medical interventions, thereby improving patient compliance and
 comfort while reducing health care costs. Polyganics B.V. has its
 headquarters, manufacturing and research facilities in Groningen, The
 Netherlands. Please visit the Company's website at http://www.polyganics.com,
 e-mail mail@polyganics.com.

SOURCE Polyganics B.V.