Polystar Containment Announces Facilities Move for Spill Prevention & Secondary Containment Operations in Northeast Ohio

Jul 17, 2013, 12:33 ET from Polystar Containment

STOW, Ohio, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With more and more industries becoming aware of EPA-mandated SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) plan requirements for their operations, Polystar Containment – formerly of Twinsburg, Ohio – announces their move "down the road" to Stow, Ohio and much larger facilities in order to meet the growing demand for secondary containment and spill prevention products and systems for multiple industries.

In operation for 20 years, Polystar designs, manufactures and installs corrosion-resistant spill prevention and containment systems that prevent the accidental contamination of soil and water resources by fluids and chemicals during extraction processes, general operations and during transport between locations. Innovative, rugged and often-portable solutions such as Polystar's Star Track™ for rail containment and the Poly Dike MPE® system for drilling and fracking operations have helped the company grow tremendously in the past decade, and present facilities simply cannot accommodate current customer demand.

"With the enforcement of EPA regulations and companies embracing their responsibility to protect our environment, our products are in ever-increasing demand," explained Director of Sales Rob Nightwine of Polystar. "In order to meet this demand, we have doubled the size of our manufacturing space. Our new state of the art production facility includes a steel welding department, a fiberglass production department, a sandblasting department and additional space for added inventory. It's a great space for our work and we're excited about moving."

Planning for the future, Polystar executives have worked hard to ensure an orderly and very efficient transition to the new facilities and headquarters – production capabilities will be offline for a total of only 10 hours. The secondary containment firm's larger facilities are intended to address the needs of new customers more quickly than their competitors have the capacity to handle, which in turn will help them trust the Polystar product line and manufacturing process more easily as well.

As Nightwine explained it, "Our new facilities will permit quicker turnaround times with our expanded production capability.  We will also have the luxury of added space for product inventory.  With more product on hand, we can meet our customer's needs more efficiently. Everyone wins, including local environmental protection and business stock holders."

Commencing July 15, 2013, Polystar Containment's main operating and manufacturing facilities will be located at 1676 Commerce Drive, Stow, 44224, in Summit County of northeast Ohio.

About Polystar Containment
Polystar Containment designs, manufactures and installs corrosion-resistant secondary containment & spill prevention systems and solutions for multiple industries across North America, including oil & gas drilling, military & government, petroleum & liquid terminal, farms & ranches, and hydraulic fracturing entities. Makers of such innovative and effective solutions as the Poly Dike™, Camel® and Envirohut™, Polystar works hard to provide our customers with SPCC-compliant products that keep them in business while protecting natural resources.

SOURCE Polystar Containment