Posit Science Drops Price for DriveSharp to $89

Driving Fitness Software Improves Road Confidence in Avoiding Distracted Drivers

03 Nov, 2009, 14:29 ET from Posit Science

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- With consumers preparing for winter driving, the recent time change reducing daylight driving hours and the holiday gift season just around the corner, Posit Science announced a price cut today on its popular new software DriveSharp, the brain fitness program that helps drivers feel more confident behind the wheel. DriveSharp now retails for $89 and is immediately available for download or on CD-ROM at www.DriveSharp.com. Endorsed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, DriveSharp is also being offered by AAA participating clubs to its members at the discounted price of $79.

"At this lower price, DriveSharp is a great gift for adult drivers to fully prepare them for driving distractions and obstacles on the roads today," said Steven Aldrich, CEO of Posit Science.

DriveSharp is a computer software program comprised of two interactive game-like exercises that focus on the visual areas in the brain that are essential to safe driving. Improvements measured in clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health include reduced at-fault accident risk by an average of 50 percent, expanded useful field of view, and faster brain performance reaction times.

"Training on Road Tour and Jewel Diver has made a difference in my driving. For example, the other day another car cut me off in the middle of the road, but I was able to react to it faster by hitting the brakes sooner," said Maggie Sledge from San Antonio, Texas. "I've always considered myself to be a safe driver, but it is comforting to know that I can respond to these incidents quicker."

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Posit Science is the leader in delivering clinically proven brain fitness software that brings brain science from the lab to the people, improving everyday lives. The company combines breakthrough research and a focus on great customer experiences to create products that are engaging and help users think faster, focus better and remember more. Staff neuroscientists collaborate with more than 50 scientists from leading research institutions such as Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins as well as engineers and product marketers to design, build and test our computer-based programs. Posit Science products are available online and through health, long-term care and auto insurers. Posit Science is also featured in the PBS documentary "The Brain Fitness Program." For more information, visit www.PositScience.com or call 1-866-599-6463.

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