Postini Announces 2004 Email Security Trends and Spam Predictions for the New Year

Postini Predicts Legitimate Email Will Drop From 12% to 8% of All Email in


Dec 15, 2004, 00:00 ET from Postini, Inc.

    REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Postini, the industry's
 leading provider of email security and management for the enterprise, today
 announced that the 2004 spam war changed from a content filtering battle to a
 real time SMTP connection management battle. This year alone, Postini
 processed 95 billion SMTP requests and blocked over 40% of those requests
 based on the IP address of the sender before the threats could reach corporate
     "It's obvious by the amount of SMTP requests we blocked this year that
 security at the connection level is the best way for corporations to stop spam
 and virus threats," said Scott Petry, founder and senior vice president of
 products and engineering at Postini.  "Content filtering by itself is
 ineffective. As spammers get more sophisticated, customers like to know they
 are protected at the connection level."
     In 2004 Postini also saw an increase in directory harvest attacks (DHAs),
 an attempt by spammers to hijack and steal an enterprise's email directory to
 send out spam.  Postini protected its customers from over 164 million DHAs and
 blocked over 38 billion invalid delivery attempts.
     This past year saw the amount of legitimate email drop from 22% to just
 12%, while viruses rose over the past year from roughly half a percent to one
 and a half percent according to Postini's Email Stat Track. The virus
 infection average ratio during 2004 was 1 in 67, compared to 2003, when 1 in
 200 messages were infected with a virus. Towards the end of the year viruses
 were infecting 1 in 25 emails.
     Currently, the company processes over 2.4 billion email messages per week,
 and quarantines 88 percent of the messages as spam or viruses for leading
 corporations and enterprises.
     Postini's Top Five 2005 Spam and Email Security Predictions
      1.  Legitimate email will drop from 12% to 8% of all email.
      2.  Directory harvest attacks will increase 25% while most victims won't
          realize they've been attacked.
      3. "Phishing" -- fraudulent email used to steal the recipient's identity
          information -- will rise significantly as well, recasting spam as a
          damaging activity rather than a nuisance.
      4.  Connection blocking technology will play an increasingly important
          role in protecting users from email threats of all types.
      5.  Corporations will continue to switch to managed perimeter defense
          services to protect employees from email-borne attacks.
     Postini's rapid growth from 2,000 customers in December 2003 to 4,100
 customers in December 2004 underscores both the increasing importance
 enterprises place on advanced email security and the effectiveness of
 Postini's solution in stopping spam, viruses and other threats.  Awarded a
 U.S. patent in March 2004 for its "preprocessing electronic messaging
 solution," Perimeter Manager(TM) protects and secures email systems for over
 6 million global users from malicious email attacks including spam, viruses,
 phishing and directory harvest attacks.
     About Postini
     Postini, Inc. is the leading provider of email security and management
 services that protect email infrastructure by preventing spam and attacks from
 reaching the enterprise gateway.  Postini's patented managed services model
 utilizes exclusive preEMPT(TM) transport and content filtering technology to
 eliminate spam and viruses, stop DoS and directory harvest attacks, safeguard
 content, and improve email performance.  Founded in 1999, Postini processes
 more than 2.4 billion message connections every week for more than 4,000
 companies. By blocking spam, viruses and attacks before they can reach the
 enterprise email gateway, Postini Perimeter Manager is designed to assure
 complete email security while saving bandwidth, conserving server capacity and
 minimizing administrative costs.  For more information contact Postini at its
 Redwood City, California headquarters toll-free at 866-767-8461, or visit
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