Potent Hepatitis C Virus Inhibitors Show Efficacy and Potential for Once Daily Dosing in Preclinical Studies

Data Presented at the 2nd Annual International Workshop on Hepatitis C

Resistance & New Compounds

Nov 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from Enanta Pharmaceuticals

    WATERTOWN, Mass., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers from Enanta
 Pharmaceuticals today presented data on novel Hepatitis C protease
 inhibitors with potent antiviral activity in the cell-based replicon assay
 and favorable pre-clinical pharmacokinetic properties with the potential
 for once-daily dosing in humans.
     The hepatitis C virus (HCV) increases a person's chances of developing
 chronic liver disease, and affects more than 170 million people worldwide.
 Current treatment options are not sufficient. Specifically targeted
 antiviral therapies for HCV, such as NS3/4a protease inhibitors, may have
 the potential to increase the proportion of patients in whom the virus can
 be eradicated.
     The abstract, "Potent HCV protease inhibitors with the potential for
 once-daily dosing," was presented today in a session focused on protease
 inhibitors at 8:30 a.m. during the 2nd Annual International Workshop on
 Hepatitis C Resistance & New Compounds in Boston.
     "These compounds have demonstrated remarkable potency in the antiviral
 replicon assay and favorable pre-clinical pharmacokinetic properties
 supporting the potential for once-daily dosing in humans," said Yat Sun Or,
 Senior Vice President, Research and Development of Enanta Pharmaceuticals.
 "These data demonstrate our commitment to the discovery of next-generation
 protease inhibitors that will enhance the treatment options for patients
 who are infected with hepatitis C."
     Abbott and Enanta Pharmaceuticals formed a collaboration in 2006 to
 develop and commercialize HCV protease inhibitors. The partnership
 leverages Abbott's innovative work in the protease inhibitor field against
 the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and leadership in the area of
 antiviral therapies and Enanta's core expertise in chemistry and drug
 discovery. The HCV NS 3/4A serine protease is the focus of the
     About Hepatitis C Virus
     Hepatitis C is a liver disease affecting over 170 million people
 worldwide. The virus is spread through direct contact with the blood of an
 infected person. Hepatitis C increases a person's risk of developing
 chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer and death. Liver disease
 associated with HCV infection is growing rapidly, and current therapies
 only provide sustained benefit in about half of patients with the genotype1
 form of the virus.
     About Enanta
     Enanta Pharmaceuticals is a research and development company that uses
 its novel chemistry approach and drug discovery capabilities to create best
 in class small molecule drugs in the anti-infective field. At the heart of
 Enanta is its commitment to innovative chemistry that surpasses traditional
 medicinal chemistry approaches. Enanta is developing novel protease and
 polymerase inhibitors targeted against the Hepatitis C virus (HCV).
 Additionally, the Company has created a new class of macrolide antibiotics,
 called Bicyclolides that overcomes bacterial resistance. Antibacterial
 focus areas include superbugs, respiratory tract infections, and
 intravenous and oral treatments for hospital and community MRSA. Enanta is
 a privately held company with offices in Watertown, MA. More information
 about the company can be found at www.enanta.com.
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