Power Electronics Technology Selects Linear Technology Power Device as Product of the Year

Oct 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from Linear Technology Corporation

    MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Linear Technology
 Corporation (Nasdaq:   LLTC) today announced that Power Electronics
 Technology magazine has selected Linear's LT3080 three-terminal low dropout
 linear regulator as Product of the Year. The award was presented today at
 the Power Electronics Technology Conference in Dallas to Linear Technology
 Vice President Engineering and Chief Technical Officer Robert Dobkin, who
 developed the product.
     David Morrison, Editor of Power Electronics Technology, stated, "Among
 the hundreds of power components introduced each year, there are numerous
 devices with exciting performance improvements and novel features. This
 continuing wave of innovation makes selecting a single product for special
 recognition a particularly daunting challenge. Linear Technology's LT3080
 was selected as this year's Product of the Year because it offers an
 intriguing combination of novelty and usefulness. By redesigning the
 low-dropout linear regulator, Linear has given engineers an extremely
 flexible building block that should help solve current and future
 board-level power challenges."
     Robert Dobkin, CTO of Linear Technology, stated, "Manufactured in a
 bipolar transistor process, the LT3080 expands the easy-to-use linear
 regulator into modern high performance systems. With its low voltage
 operation and the ability to parallel devices for higher output, it can do
 circuit tricks that no other regulator can. This is a new general purpose
 and more useful architecture for regulators that will proliferate with
     The LT3080 is a 1.1A three-terminal linear regulator that can easily be
 paralleled for heat spreading and is adjustable to zero with a single
 resistor. This new architecture regulator uses a current reference and
 voltage follower to allow sharing between multiple regulators with a small
 length of PC trace as ballast, enabling multi-amp linear regulation in all
 surface-mount systems without heat sinks.
     The LT3080 achieves high performance with wide input voltage capability
 from 1.2V to 40V, a dropout voltage of only 300mV and millivolt regulation.
 The output voltage is adjustable, spanning a wide range from 0V to 40V, and
 the on-chip trimmed reference achieves high accuracy of +/-1%. The LT3080
 really shines in generating multirail systems.
     As a historical note, the LT3080 is a significant refinement over the
 industry-standard three-terminal linear regulators first developed by
 Robert Dobkin over 30 years ago. The new LT3080 device allows designers
 more flexibility in designing the power portion of their systems most
 simply and with optimal spreading of heat across the board.
     Since the introduction of the LT3080 in July, there has been
 significant customer interest across a wide range of system applications.
     About Linear Technology
     Linear Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of high performance
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