PPC Associates Kicks Off Fitbit® ROI (Return On Intensity) Challenge

PPC Associates Believes All-Day Tracking Devices Bring Fun and Community to Office Health

24 Apr, 2012, 12:00 ET from PPC Associates

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PPC Associates, a San Francisco Bay Area-based digital marketing company with over 60 clients and $85 million in annual spend, kicked off a company-wide Fitbit ROI (Return On Intensity) Challenge Thursday on April 16th to celebrate tomorrow's National Walking Day.

The eight-week corporate wellness challenge, which pits the company's Bay Area office against its Chicago office, measures each group's collective miles traveled, steps taken, and "active score" and compares totals on a weekly basis. The data is collected through each PPC Associates employee's individual Fitbit Ultra, the market-leading wireless activity tracker. The Fitbit Tracker monitors steps, distance traveled, and calories burned; information is automatically uploaded to individual online accounts. Because Fitbit.com offers the ability to connect with friends and family, PPC Associates team members will be able to track each other's progress. The company will announce weekly winners, and the office that wins the overall competition will receive a prize to be announced at the close of the challenge.

PPC Associates has nearly doubled its revenue and number of employees over the past year. The Fitbit ROI Challenge has two important purposes: to improve employee health awareness and build community.

"Outfitting our team with Fitbit Ultras is a pure stroke of genius, for which I deserve absolutely no credit," PPC Associates CEO David Rodnitzky said, deferring to Chicago office manager Brittni Hamman. "This has been a great way to build team unity, make us healthier, and have a little fun in the process. And with Fitbit Trackers and their online and mobile solution, creating such a program was very easy."

"It's great to see PPC Associates create such a fun, community-building wellness program with our product    They really embraced the key elements of a great program — providing a device to employees that accurately tracks all-day activity, requires no effort to upload your information, and has the ability to share online to build a little competition," said Woody Scal, Fitbit's Chief Revenue Officer. 

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Founded in 2007 in San Francisco, CA, Fitbit is dedicated to delivering simple, innovative health and fitness products and services that help people lead healthier, more active lives by giving them the tools to become more aware, more motivated and more fit every day. Fitbit's Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker is the leading wireless fitness tracker on the market, with distribution at leading national retailers such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, Brookstone, Radio Shack, REI and Target.  Fitbit is funded by the Foundry Group, True Ventures and SoftTech VC. For more information, please visit www.fitbit.com or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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