President Dick Cheney?

Bettors think Americans prepared to put Vice President in charge of the


Aug 17, 2005, 01:00 ET from

    NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ - says bettors are
 zeroing in on Vice President Cheney as the next American President. The
 world's largest online sportsbook and casino has seen a significant rise in
 wagering on Vice President Dick Cheney as the likely winner of the
 presidential race in 2008. Odds on Cheney have improved from 100-1, when
 betting on presidential candidates opened in May, to 20-1 currently.
     The increase in betting activity comes in the wake of recent media
 coverage of Vice President Cheney's chances of winning the Republican
 nomination during the 2008 primaries. Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward
 said yesterday that it is 'highly likely' Cheney will take his shot at the
 White House. The Vice President is widely seen as the most powerful figure in
 George W. Bush's cabinet and the mastermind behind many of the
 administration's major policy initiatives.
     Hillary Clinton continues to be the betting favorite for the Democrats.
 Odds on Senator Clinton have moved from 6-1 to 7-2.
     Despite Cheney's improving odds, former New York City mayor
 Rudolph Giuliani remains the Republican favorite with 10-1 odds. Secretary of
 State Condoleezza Rice has gone from 15-1 to 25-1 odds. Barack Obama, Illinois
 Senator and darling of the Democratic Party, has also seen his stock decline
 and now sits as a 70-1 favorite from an opening line of 30-1.
     "Wagering on the US presidential election continues to evolve alongside
 the ever-changing world of American politics," says Alex Czajkowski, Marketing
 Director, "Bettors are very much in tune with media reports
 and analyses of potential presidential candidates."
     Adding to the fun and challenge, is offering odds on a
 number of less likely presidential candidates from film director Michael Moore
 to conservative news personality Bill O'Reilly and California Governor, Arnold
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     Latest odds on the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections:
     Hilary Clinton            7-2
     Rudy Giuliani            10-1
     John McCain              12-1
     Dick Cheney              20-1
     Colin Powell             25-1
     Condoleezza Rice         25-1
     Joe Biden                25-1
     Bill Frist               30-1
     John Edwards             30-1
     Jeb Bush                 35-1
     Bill Richardson          40-1
     Tom Vilsack              40-1
     Mark Warner              45-1
     Mitt Romney              50-1
     Newt Gingrich            50-1
     Tom Ridge                50-1
     Barack Obama             70-1
     Arnold Schwarzenegger   250-1
     Bill Clinton            300-1
     Bill O'Reilly           750-1
     Michael Moore          7500-1
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