Printer Industry Limits Consumer Retail Choices

Cartridge World offers solution for purchasing high-quality, low-cost ink

Apr 17, 2007, 01:00 ET from Cartridge World

    EMERYVILLE, Calif., April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The recently reported
 agreement between Hewlett Packard and Staples highlights how big brand
 printer manufacturers attempt to limit their competition. With Staples
 reportedly having agreed to eliminate its Staples brand line of HP
 compatible cartridges, Cartridge World, the largest ink refilling retailer,
 reminds consumers that it continues to present a more affordable,
 environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing new cartridges.
     "Our mission is to offer consumers and businesses an affordable choice
 when it comes to their printer cartridge needs, as well as minimizing the
 negative environmental impact of throw-away printer cartridges," said Burt
 Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World. "We believe that manufacturers and
 retailers should not limit the choices and alternatives of their customers,
 especially when those alternatives are more cost-effective and
 environmentally friendly."
     Cartridge World has built a foundation on giving consumers and
 businesses the choice of refilling their cartridges at a significant
 discount to purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) products.
 In addition, reusing existing printer cartridges provides significant
 environmental benefits.
     The cartridge refilling industry has posed a growing threat for the
 "Goliaths" in the consumer printer industry, such as HP and Epson, who have
 typically sold printers at a low cost and relied on frequent purchases of
 expensive new cartridges to provide themselves with substantial income.
     The Staples and HP agreement reportedly includes the phasing out of
 Staple's own HP-compatible store-brand ink cartridges, and will result in
 offering Staples customers with HP printers no option other than purchasing
 the more expensive HP manufactured cartridges in their retail chain stores.
 Consumers with HP printers will either need to pay higher prices or find a
 new source of lower priced cartridges. Cartridge World, with its high
 quality refills that cost less, is the logical place for customers to turn.
     Cartridge World provides what it believes is an environmentally
 superior alternative to constantly purchasing new printer cartridges. The
 company says that they can refill inkjet cartridges an average of three to
 eight times and remanufacture laser cartridges almost indefinitely, all
 without sacrificing quality. In fact, research found that 77 percent of
 users ranked remanufactured cartridges as equivalent to, or even better
 than, cartridges by name-brand manufacturers.
     Refilling printer cartridges is one way Cartridge World addresses the
 growing concerns of Global Warming, since reusing existing cartridges
 lessens the negative impact on landfills and the environment. Cartridge
 World estimates its efforts to date have kept nine million cartridges out
 of landfills.
     About Cartridge World
     Emeryville, CA-based Cartridge World is the world's fastest growing ink
 refilling retailer and franchisor in the $80 billion printer cartridge
 industry. The company refills empty ink cartridges and remanufactures empty
 toner cartridges for inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines, and
 photocopiers with top quality, brand-specific ink and toners; It offers
 consumers and businesses a more affordable option to buying new, provides a
 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee and helps the environment by keeping
 cartridges out of landfills. Voted #1 in the category of toner replacement
 services by Entrepreneur Magazine Franchisee 500, Cartridge World has more
 than 1,400 franchised retail locations in 36 countries. Cartridge World
 North America was founded in 2003. There are currently more than 500
 locations open in the United States, with a total of 800 open locations
 expected by the end of 2007. For more information call (888) 99-REFILL or
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