Prionics Acquires Pfizer Animal Health's Diagnostic Products

Oct 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Prionics AG

    ZURICH, Switzerland, October 24 /PRNewswire/ --
     - Promising Products for the Swiss Success Company
     Prionics AG, the world leader in prion diagnostics and Pfizer Animal
 Health, the world's leading animal health company, agreed today that Prionics
 will acquire Pfizer Animal Health's diagnostic products. Terms were not
     The product line includes tests for the detection of Bovine tuberculosis
 (Bovigam(R)) and Paratuberculosis (Parachek(R)) in animals raised as a food
 source. Both diseases cause major economic damage to the farm industry and
 also have implications to human health.
     Bovigam(R) and Parachek(R) are among the leading products in their field
 with significant shares in existing markets and an attractive potential for
 the development of new markets. "With this expansion of our product
 portfolio, we are confident that we're well positioned to further grow
 sustainably in the farm animal diagnostics business", says Ernst Zollinger,
 Head of Marketing & Sales at Prionics.
     Prionics will fully integrate the diagnostic tests into its product
 portfolio through a one year transition phase to ensure a smooth changeover.
 "We are confident, that our new clients will profit from Prionics'
 specialized customer service. We will contact these customers directly to
 inform them about the planned steps", explains Zollinger. "Moreover, we
 intend to use our innovative development know-how to further improve the two
 tests in order to offer our clients even better solutions."
     Tuberculosis and Paratuberculosis
     Bovine tuberculosis and Paratuberculosis are major farm animal diseases
 that cause severe economic damage in breeding stock, milk and meat producing
 animals worldwide with severe implications to human health. Diagnostic tests
 for Bovine tuberculosis and Paratuberculosis can help to reduce the risk of
 infection in humans as well as contribute to targeted eradication and control
 of these diseases.
     Bovine tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that is caused by the
 bacteria Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis). Bovine TB primarily affects cattle,
 however, other animals may become infected. Disease due to M. bovis in
 animals most often occurs in the lungs but may also occur in the intestines
 and other parts of the body. M. bovis is transmitted to humans primarily
 through consumption of raw milk or dairy products but can also be transmitted
 through the respiratory route.
     Paratuberculosis leads to Johne's Disease in cattle, goat and wild
 animals and has been implicated as a causal agent for Crohn's Disease in
 humans - a chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
     About Prionics
     The world market leader for rapid prion testing was founded in 1997 as a
 spin-off from the University of Zurich. Prionics carries out research and
 development in diagnostics for prion diseases (such as BSE) and other
 zoonotic diseases. The recipient of the Swiss Economic Award 2002 as "Company
 of the year" and winner of the European Biotech Award 2004 for Excellence in
 Biotech Business is driving its business through a combination of outstanding
 research, high-quality products and new marketing concepts.
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