Prize Patrol to Bestow Halloween Treat

'No Trick' Says Publishers Clearing House

Oct 21, 2005, 01:00 ET from Publishers Clearing House

    PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Every Halloween folks
 expect to have youngsters costumed as goblins, witches or extra-terrestrials
 knock on the door and demand treats or else there will be consequences.
     But a new kind of costumed caller will come around this Halloween -- at
 least for one lucky door-opener.  A trio of grown-ups in blue blazers will
 arrive with a real treat and won't be playing any tricks.  And the treat will
 be sweet indeed: $10,000 plus roses and balloons, delivered by America's most
 welcome unexpected guests, The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol.
     "The recipient may think it's a trick," says Dave Sayer, Prize Patrol
 honcho whose video-taped awards over the past twenty-plus years are
 approaching $200 million.  "But it will be 100% real -- just like all the
 'winning moments' you've seen in our commercials."
     The Prize Patrol's Halloween destination won't be verified until October
 27.  "We never know where we are going until the last minute," says Sayer.
 "Whether to pack swimsuits or cold weather gear -- besides the blue blazers --
 just adds to the excitement."
     PCH has run its sweepstakes since 1967 to bring attention to the offers of
 magazine subscriptions and merchandise the company has mailed to millions of
 American households since 1953.
     "You'll always find a great deal you won't want to pass up," says Sayer.
 "Even if you don't make a purchase, if you want to win you've got to enter the
 sweepstakes -- or you'll be a loser for sure." he adds.
     Winner hopefuls can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by
 responding to company mailings or by going online to
     Although many think that PCH awards a big prize only once a year,
 giveaways are conducted year-round with hundreds of prizes ranging from $1,000
 to $1,000,000 and more.  Web entries will be accepted until November 9 for a
 $1,000,000 prize to be presented on NBC's Thanksgiving Parade telecast.  A
 $10,000,000 prize will be offered in early 2006.
     The Prize Patrol is used to going to great lengths or distances to
 discharge their heady responsibilities.  That can mean visiting offices,
 hospitals or locations as remote as Alaska's Aleutian Islands, then waiting
 hours for someone to come home from work or even days when it's vacation time.
     "Naturally, we'd like the Halloween winner to be home," says Sayer.  "But
 we won't play any tricks if they are not there.  They will get the $10,000
 treat for sure."
     NOTE TO EDITORS:  Publishers Clearing House does not employ a celebrity
 spokesperson -- and never has.  Ed McMahon formerly worked for a competitor.

SOURCE Publishers Clearing House