Procera Networks Announces Distribution Agreement with Mindshare Group to Build VAR Channel in UK and Eastern Europe

Jun 23, 2004, 01:00 ET from Procera Networks Inc.

    CAMPBELL, Calif., June 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Procera Networks,
 Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board:   PRNW) a manufacturer of secure content management
 products, is pleased to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with
 Mindshare Group to build the VAR (value-added reseller) channel in the United
 Kingdom and Eastern Europe.  Mindshare Group is a specialist distribution
 company that offers digital network appliances specifically in the areas of
 security, all-in-one Internet access and web, mail and cache servers.  Their
 comprehensive network solutions include firewalls, load balancing, mail
 servers, web servers, IDS (intrusion detection systems), storage and caching.
 Mindshare Group has over 300 VARs and 50 ISPs (Internet service providers) and
 telecommunications customers.
     Mindshare Group has been trained on the Procera OptimIP(TM) Network
 Executive Appliance products and initial stocking orders have shipped.  They
 will initially focus on the UK market and then expand distribution of
 Procera's offerings into Eastern Europe.  OptimIP(TM) Network Executive
 Appliance provides integrated policy-based secure content management and
 network optimization.
     Greg Dewing, VP of Sales for Procera Networks stated, "We are excited
 about our partnership with Mindshare Group.  They bring us immediate access to
 a large group of VARs, specialized integrators, ISPs and telecommunication
 companies.  Sales and technical training was extremely easy since the people
 at Mindshare Group are established experts in digital network appliance
     Nick Morse, Managing Director for Mindshare Group commented, "Procera's
 OptimIP(TM) Network Executive Appliance product family is a great fit with our
 digital network appliance solution offerings.  OptimIP(TM) expands our product
 solutions to include internal network security, content control and network
 optimization.  Procera offers value-added solutions that address the needs of
 many of our existing customers."
     OptimIP(TM) is a modular platform that supports multiple software solution
 options. The ProceraWatch software option enables businesses to increase
 productivity by eliminating network abuse and misuse such as peer-to-peer
 downloading, video/audio streaming, instant messaging, web mail, non-business
 web sites, newsgroups, etc. ProceraWatch also provides additional internal
 security behind the firewall and allows organizations to secure wireless
 networks. The ProceraApp software option optimizes business-critical
 application performance by prioritizing and reserving network bandwidth. The
 ProceraTap software option provides more effective network visibility,
 monitoring and archiving by providing real-time selective traffic mirroring.
     About Mindshare Group:
     Mindshare Group is a specialist distribution company established in 1996
 that focuses on the Digital Network Appliance Market. With Network Attached
 Appliances set for explosive growth over the next few years, Mindshare aims to
 build a reputation for itself as the channel's foremost experts in the
 appliance space, specifically in Security, all-in-one Internet access and web,
 mail and cache servers.  More information on Mindshare Group can be found on
 the World Wide Web at
     About Procera Networks, Inc.:
     Procera Networks, Inc. is a hardware and software development company.
 Procera has successfully developed a hardware-based, scalable, network secure
 content management ("SCM") platform which offers wire-speed performance. This
 platform allows user-defined policies to define content filtering, traffic
 prioritizing (QoS), rate limiting, monitoring, and data mirroring capabilities
 for network traffic. Procera's markets include small/medium size businesses,
 enterprises and Internet service providers. Procera's products are sold
 through integrators, distributors and original equipment manufacturers
 ("OEMs"). More information on Procera Networks, Inc. can be found on the World
 Wide Web at
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 in Europe, market conditions, the general acceptance of the Company's products
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