Proficient Systems Fills KnowledgeStorm Sales Pipeline

ProficientSales Server(TM) Enables KnowledgeStorm to Effectively Convert More

Than 60% of Online Visitors Into Qualified Sales Leads

Jun 03, 2005, 01:00 ET from Proficient Systems Inc.

    ATLANTA, June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Proficient Systems Inc., a provider of
 technology solutions that help companies better monetize their Web sites,
 announced today KnowledgeStorm has delivered a better online experience for
 prospects by more actively engaging with individual online visitors.
     In the 12 months since deploying Proficient's technology to connect with
 prospects online, KnowledgeStorm, the Internet's top-ranked technology
 solutions content and search site, has received overwhelmingly positive
 feedback from potential customers. Of the visitors who opt for a live chat,
 92% rate their overall experience as "Excellent." KnowledgeStorm leverages the
 ProficientSales Server(TM) Live Chat application to approach site visitors who
 touch its Provider Registration page. Visitors are approached via a pop-up
 chat window with an offer of assistance they can accept or decline.
     "The ability to approach visitors on the pre-registration page not only
 enables our representatives to answer questions about our Solution and
 Research Listing services, it allows us to pre-qualify and gather more
 information about the potential customer than we could from the form alone,"
 said Laurie Hood, vice president, marketing, KnowledgeStorm. "More
 importantly, ProficentSales Server(TM) allows us to engage visitors who
 otherwise might not have registered to be listed because they did not clearly
 understand what we offer or simply did not want to fill out the form."
     "Proficient's ability to identify and offer assistance to the most
 receptive customers allows companies to take full advantage of each individual
 customer's presence, meet their needs online and increase sales," said Gregg
 Freishtat, CEO, Proficient Systems, Inc. "Forward-thinking companies like
 KnowledgeStorm recognize offers of assistance to the right customer at the
 right time assures increased revenue, more satisfied customers and a
 competitive edge."
     ProficientSales Server(TM) optimizes the use of offline sales and service
 resources against real time online opportunities. By tracking and analyzing
 the behavior of Web site visitors, the solution makes intelligent "data" based
 decisions about when and how to best approach prospects. The solution
 dynamically collects, organizes and presents sales and service agents with all
 of the appropriate information available from internal and external sources.
 By adaptively learning from prospect behavior, companies successfully develop
 qualified leads, improve customer acquisition rates and enhance each
 prospect's overall online experience with the company.
     About Proficient Systems, Inc.
     Headquartered in Atlanta, Proficient Systems, Inc. is helping
 industry-leading companies better monetize their Web presence by converting
 visitors into buyers. The Proficient solution utilizes sophisticated data
 mining algorithms to track and analyze the behavior of Web site visitors in
 real time, and then intelligently approaches visitors with the appropriate
 sales or service professional based on the company's specific business
 objectives. Proficient's real-time data mining engine determines the most
 valuable customers and engages them with chat and collaboration technologies,
 allowing companies like Bank of America, Carmax, E-LOAN, E*TRADE, Huntington
 National Bank, and Siebel to experience increased revenue, improved
 productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction. For more information, visit
     About KnowledgeStorm
     Founded in 1998, KnowledgeStorm is the Internet's top-ranked technology
 content and search site. With the largest online index of IT solutions,
 KnowledgeStorm offers technology buyers a free, easy and comprehensive means
 to match business requirements to a "short list" of technology providers and
 to stay current on technology topics and trends. This information is available
 through the KnowledgeStorm Network, which includes,
 specialty search sites and syndication partners. Technology vendors use
 KnowledgeStorm's efficient, effective lead generation services to fill sales
 pipelines with motivated and educated buyers. For more information, visit .
     NOTE:  ProficientSales Server(TM) is a trademark of Proficient
 Systems, Inc.

SOURCE Proficient Systems Inc.