Programmer, Technology Provider and Analyst Comments on ActiveVideo Networks Announcement

Jun 25, 2008, 01:00 ET from ActiveVideo Networks

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- ActiveVideo Networks(TM),
 which provides solutions that infuse TV with Web content and interactivity,
 today announced new capabilities of its ActiveVideo(R) Distribution Network
 that have been designed to simplify and accelerate the availability of
 Web-based programming and advertising on the television. Following are
 quotes from programmers, technology providers and analysts regarding the
 announcement that Web-infused television -- including user-generated
 content, social media, Web-based channels, games and other programming and
 applications -- can be delivered through virtually any network connected
     * * *
     "We have seen studies that show people prefer to watch video on a TV,
 and are overwhelmed by the competing choices for bringing Web video to the
 television. Because ActiveVideo has the ability to work with anything
 that's Web connected, the decision-making process is simplified and the
 marketing approach to the consumer is easy to understand. This in turn will
 speed up the prospect of a Web-to-TV fully interactive experience. It is
 the reason we at ComedyNet believe that ActiveVideo is a front runner in
 the space."
-- Mark Graff, CEO, ComedyNet * * * "All of us in the Web-to-TV video space face similar obstacles. We need both an abundance of content and the high-quality, highly reliable viewing experience that viewers expect from television. The ability to deliver that experience ubiquitously across all devices is a significant challenge. We're pleased to see companies like ActiveVideo Networks taking an innovative approach to addressing these challenges and in so doing helping to create the critical mass we need to make this market a success."
-- Bill Holmes, Vice President, Business Development & Strategy, DivX * * * "The enormous market fragmentation in Web-to-TV solutions makes it difficult for us to author interactive and timely content for many diverse platforms. This process is costly and requires many resources. What's been needed to drive cost-effective distribution and viewer adoption is a solution based on existing Web technologies and video standards like MPEG that enables us to create content once for any connected device," -- Ed Skolarus, Vice President, Business & Operations, Fox Reality Channel, News Corp. * * * "Impressive as the growth in broadband video consumption has been over the last few years, broadband's ultimate opportunity starts when high-quality video can be delivered directly to the TV. This will enable longer-form broadband content to be enjoyed comfortably on consumers' wide-screen TVs and open up a range of advertising and consumer paid business opportunities for the ecosystem that have been constrained until now. Consumers will welcome the same mix of choice, flexibility and interactivity that they have come to expect from their current broadband experiences." -- Will Richmond, Broadband media analyst and President, Broadband Directions LLC * * * "One of our top priorities is making it easy for people to watch their favorite shows on the television set. We are grateful that ActiveVideo Networks is making the transition from the computer screen to the television set possible. In the end the best Web shows are meant to be watched on the TV set from the comfortable couch in your living room. ActiveVideo Networks definitely gets this, and that makes them a real pioneer in the field." -- John Fitzpatrick, Director of Business Development, About ActiveVideo Networks ActiveVideo Networks(TM) provides programming and technology that infuse television with Web content and interactivity. Based on standard Web authoring and delivery technologies, the company's ActiveVideo(R) Distribution Network simply and inexpensively enables expanded programming, navigation and advertising possibilities, allowing viewers to define and share TV experiences. ActiveVideo combines Web-based media and targeted, clickable advertisements with the high-quality video, immediate responsiveness and remote control navigation of television for uniform interactivity across all digital set-tops and Web-connected televisions. ActiveVideo Networks is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, with offices in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Beijing and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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