Progressive Medical Unveils National Diagnostic Network

Oct 21, 2002, 01:00 ET from Progressive Medical, Inc.

    WESTERVILLE, Ohio, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Ohio-based Progressive
 Medical has created a national diagnostic network as a new benefit for its
 managed care insurance clients and the eligible injured parties they serve.
     The national diagnostic network makes Progressive Medical the single point
 of contact between eligible injured parties, insurance case managers and
 health care facilities that perform services such as MRI, CT Scans, EMGs,
 nuclear medicine, X-Rays and ultrasounds.  When an eligible injured party's
 physician requests any of the mentioned services, Progressive Medical's
 personnel coordinate, schedule, follow up and review each diagnostic test.
 Related savings and activity reports are provided monthly.
     The goal of offering a national diagnostic network is to provide
 efficient, credentialed health care services while saving the insurance client
 money through a national purchasing contract.  Efficiency is also a key factor
 in this program, as Progressive Medical's personnel handle the coordination
 footwork for all parties involved.
     "Our national network system is an excellent cost containment aspect of
 all the services we provide," said David Bianconi, president of Progressive
 Medical.  "A diagnostic network is an excellent complement, and a natural
 progression for our clients' cost containment efforts."
     Founded in 1986, Progressive Medical, Inc. is a managed care cost
 containment company.  The firm coordinates medical equipment and supplies,
 pharmaceutical supplies, home health care, medical transportation, translation
 services, independent medical exams, and catastrophic claims coordination on
 behalf of eligible injured parties throughout the United States.
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SOURCE Progressive Medical, Inc.