Prolexic Defends Middle Eastern Free Speech Forum

Jan 31, 2007, 00:00 ET from Prolexic Technologies

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Saudi Arabia based web
 forum, Tomaar, has selected Prolexic Technologies to protect it from
 continuous cyber attacks.
     Tomaar is an outlet for freethinking Saudis that aims to influence
 government policy and drive social reform. The website tackles issues which
 are often not acknowledged, let alone discussed publicly, such as women's
 rights, equality, discrimination and homophobia. As a result, it has some
 strong opposition, including religious fundamentalists who have targeted it
 numerous times with Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
     Mohammed, Tomaar's co-founder and an administrator at Tomaar said:
 "Tomaar represents the acceptance of different types of thought, and its
 existence represents the voice of the people -- we have a duty to Saudis to
 keep it running. None of the ISPs we have used have been able to protect us
 from these DDoS attacks but once we started working with Prolexic we were
 able to maintain access for our members and readers for which we are
 extremely grateful."
     Keith Laslop, President, Prolexic Technologies, said:
     "DDoS attacks are launched for a number of reasons -- usually extortion
 or competitive advantage, but we do see attacks motivated by opposition to
 a website's ideology. Tomaar has been targeted with constant DDoS attacks,
 however under Prolexic's protection the site has been unaffected by efforts
 to bring it down. We're proud to have assisted Tomaar in its mission to
 promote free speech and drive social reform in the Middle East."
     About Prolexic
     Prolexic Technologies provides cutting edge solutions that protect
 Internet operations from the debilitating service disruptions caused by
 DDoS attacks. Prolexic's patent-pending Clean Pipe Virtual Transport(R)
 network offers solutions that keep its clients' internet-facing
 infrastructures free of DDoS traffic. Without making major adjustments or
 multimillion-dollar investments in their existing hardware infrastructures,
 Prolexic's customers rest assured that their network borders are secure and
 can thus focus on what is really important: their businesses.
     Keith Laslop
     Prolexic Technologies Inc
     1930 Harrison Street, Suite 403
     Hollywood, Florida, 33020
     phone: +1 954 620 6002

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