Prolexic Partners With Counterpane; Guarantees Protection From Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

May 16, 2005, 01:00 ET from Prolexic Technologies

    HOLLYWOOD, Fla., May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Prolexic, the world's leading
 provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solutions and security
 consulting products, joins forces with Counterpane Internet Security to
 provide protection against the ever-increasing sophistication, regularity and
 scale of DDoS attacks threatening enterprise networks globally.  Counterpane,
 the foremost protector of network information, has added Prolexic's intrusion
 prevention services to its recently released Enterprise Protection Suite 2.0,
 a security services package that significantly enhances protection against Web
 and e-mail-based attacks.
     "One of the greatest threats to Enterprises today is the increasing number
 of bots able to be used in DDoS attacks," said Keith Laslop, vice president of
 business development for Prolexic.  "Our partnership allows Counterpane's
 service level agreements to guarantee protection against the largest,
 multi-gigabit DDoS attacks in the industry, something not offered by any other
 security service provider on the market."
     "Our selection of Prolexic to provide a DDoS Prevention package shields
 Counterpane's customers from attacks at the network layer with unmatched
 sophistication and reliability," said Doug Howard, vice president, service
 delivery for Counterpane.  "Our customers entrust Counterpane with their
 network security.  By partnering with Prolexic, we are able to offer a DDoS
 protection service that ensures an enterprise's public facing applications are
 free from intrusion."
     Prolexic's service employs many layers of in-house engineered hardware,
 software, and network equipment to provide a cost-effective solution against
 DDoS attacks.  The Prolexic system works transparently to the customer and
 requires nominal changes to network infrastructure for full implementation.
 Counterpane's Enterprise Protection Suite, which includes the DDOS offering as
 an integral part, provides an unsurpassed level of end to end security through
 a layered security approach.
     About Counterpane
     Counterpane is the world's leading protector of networked
 information -- the inventor of outsourced security monitoring and the foremost
 authority on effective mitigation of emerging IT threats. With the most
 comprehensive view available of global information security events,
 Counterpane offers customers the earliest possible warning of internal or
 external threats to their information security and availability, as well as
 the expert counsel required to successfully mitigate such threats.
 Counterpane's managed service model and technology products provide
 information-intensive organizations the security they require to collaborate
 with ever-increasing numbers of partners, customers, suppliers, investors and
 government regulators. The company is privately held and headquartered in
 Mountain View, Calif.
     About Prolexic --
     Prolexic Technologies is the worldwide leader in DDoS mitigation services.
 More companies and service providers entrust their networks to Prolexic for
 DDoS protection services than any other Internet security company in the
 world.  Leveraging unique filtering techniques, high-speed bandwidth and
 peering, advanced routing, and other patent-pending devices, Prolexic has
 created the most powerful DDoS detection and protection system in the world.
     Consequently, Prolexic has demonstrated success in monitoring, filtering,
 and routing massive traffic flows, often shouldering multi-gigabit-per-second
 distributed attacks for its customers.  Prolexic's solution is easily
 implemented into networks of all sizes, often with little or no infrastructure

SOURCE Prolexic Technologies