Pulver Presents the VON Visionary Award to Israel's VoIP Pioneers

Twenty-Three VoIP Visionaries Recognized at Pulver's Israel VoIP Summit,

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Birth of Commercial VoIP

Jun 14, 2005, 01:00 ET from Pulver.com Enterprises

    JERUSALEM and MELVILLE, N.Y., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at Jerusalem
 City Hall, VoIP thought leader, Jeff Pulver, presented the VON Visionary Award
 to 23 individuals who were integral to the origin and development of
 commercial VoIP.  Of these 23 recipients, eleven did their pioneering work for
 VocalTec (Rami Amit, Alon Cohen, Lior Haramaty, Guy Kahane, Opher Kahane, Max
 Levy, Ofer Shem Tov, Yael Siaki, Elad Sion, Michal Sufa and Dror Tirosh), ten
 for IBM (Yuval Berger, Dror Gill, Ruthy Katz, Avi Magid, Yoav Medan, Scott
 Petrack, Aharon Satt, Tal Segalov, Naftaly Sharir, and Uzi Shvadron), one for
 AudioCodes (Shabtai Adlersberg), and one for Radvision (Eli Doron).
     "The work that these people have done has transformed the field of
 telecommunications as we know it today," said Jeff Pulver, chairman of
 Pulver.com Enterprises.  "This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the
 development of voice applications that changed the model of how we communicate
 and thus freeing the marketplace to think beyond the traditional
 telecommunications mindset."
     2005 marks the 10th anniversary of VocalTec's introduction of the IPhone,
 the commercial starting point for the VoIP industry.  Ironically, it also
 represents the 10th anniversary of IBM's initial VoIP software implementation,
 which was the direct result of Internet telephony research performed by the
 company at their lab in Haifa, Israel.  As such, to recognize Israel's
 essential role in both the birth and the subsequent growth of the VoIP
 industry and to explore its future, leaders in the IP Communications are
 currently gathered in Israel for Pulver's Israel VoIP Summit.  The Summit,
 which runs from today through tomorrow in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, includes
 executives from top companies, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials
 and policy makers from around the world.
     About Jeff Pulver
     Jeff Pulver is an original Internet telephony/VoIP industry pioneer with
 more than a decade of hands-on experience in IP Communications.  He is the
 publisher of The Pulver Report and VON magazine, and the creator of the Voice
 on the Net (VON) conferences, where all sectors of the IP Communications
 industry regularly come together to discuss, debate, network and do business.
 Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder of a number of IP Communications
 companies.  He has testified before the FCC, the United States Congress and
 numerous agencies that have a growing interest in IP Communications.  Named by
 BusinessWeek as one of their 2003 "Gurus of Technology," Mr. Pulver is
 committed to the future of IP Communications and is regarded by the media and
 the public at large as a true expert in his field.
     About Pulver.com Enterprises
     The Pulver.com group of companies strives to promote the IP industry and
 change the way people communicate through new, enabling, innovative IP
 Communications technologies.  These companies focus on IP hardware, software
 and communications services, seeking to demonstrate the vast potential of IP
 Communications and its superiority over the traditional PSTN network.
 Pulver.com Enterprises owns a number of companies including Free World Dialup,
 LibreTel and Blue Lava Software, and is headed by IP Communications
 entrepreneur and globally-renowned thought leader, Jeff Pulver.
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