PW ccTLD Opens 30-Day Public Comment Period; Newest Top Level Domain Extension Geared for Consumer Email

Jul 19, 2004, 01:00 ET from PW Registry Corporation

    BOSTON, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The PW Registry Corporation
 ( announced the start of a 30-day Public Comment
 Period on its proposed policies for the PW top-level domain (TLD).  All
 interested parties are invited to review the published policies for the PW TLD
     According to Principles adopted by the Government Advisory Council (GAC)
 to ICANN, PW Registry is committed to conducting outreach with both the global
 Internet community regarding its plans for the PW TLD.  This helps to ensure
 the interoperability of the PW TLD with other parts of the DNS and Internet.
 After a year of internal policy development, the PW Registry is now ready to
 solicit public comments on the proposed PW policies at
     PW is a dual-purpose top-level domain.  It operates both as a Registry for
 permanent email addresses as well as the country-code top-level domain (ccTLD)
 for the Republic of Palau.  The PW top-level domain is currently part-way
 through its "VIP" trial period where free PW addresses are being given away
 via participating registrars.  Open registrations are scheduled for September.
     One of the more unique features of the PW TLD is its use of the DNS
 "wildcard" mechanism:
     -- By simply entering any string into a browser and ending it with ".pw,"
        a user will be taken to a PW website.  This intuitive navigation will
        help users more easily find individuals and communities of shared
     -- Wildcarding is also used to offer email forwarding email addresses.
        This allows individuals to select permanent email addresses for
        virtually any string.  This feature provides email portability for end
     The use of Wildcarding in top-level domains has been controversial.
 Verisign, Inc. briefly introduced a service called "Site Finder" last year.
 After industry protests, it was forced to shut it down.  A recent report from
 the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), reviewed the Site
 Finder service and offered recommendations for acceptable use of the wildcard
 mechanism.  After reviewing the report, PW Registry has determined its use of
 wildcarding satisfies the report's criteria for acceptable use.
     To review the complete set of proposed PW policies, see
     About PW Registry Corporation
     As the public trustee of the PW domain, PW Registry Corporation is
 responsible for ensuring that the management and administration of the PW top-
 level domain is in the public interest.  PW Registry Corporation provides the
 PW domain through partnership with the Micronesia Investment and Development
 Corporation, the ICANN-delegated Sponsor for PW; and the Palau National
 Communications Corporation, the designated point of contact within the
 Government of the Republic of Palau.  Assisting in the Policy Development
 Process for PW is the PW Policy Council, comprised of a cross-section of
 Internet stakeholders in the Republic of Palau.  For more information, please
      Thomas Barrett
      PW Registry Corporation
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