PW Registry Corporation Launches New Top-Level Domain Devoted Exclusively for Online Communities and Social Networking

Resellers to Capitalize on New Monthly Registration Term, Demand Among

Consumers and Affinity Organizations for E-mail Portability and a Managed

Platform for Community and Social Networking

Mar 01, 2004, 00:00 ET from PW Registry Corporation

    BOSTON, and  ROME, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ICANN Meeting -- The PW
 Registry Corporation announced today plans for the activation of the PW top-
 level domain (TLD), the Internet's first and only domain extension devoted to
 "Communities of Shared Interests".  Unlike other domain extensions, such as
 .com, .biz, and .info, PW is aimed at providing individuals and
 consumer/affinity organizations a highly-personalized, permanent and portable
 e-mail address and a managed platform for community and social networking.
     In addition, PW Registry is offering a new monthly registration term for
 resellers, which allows domain name registrars, wireless and Internet service
 providers, Internet portals and Web-hosting companies to bundle the PW address
 with other monthly services they offer -- such as wireless services, Internet
 connectivity, website hosting, and email hosting -- without incurring the
 costs associated with annual registration fees.  Designated as one of the
 original Internet domain extensions on the Internet, PW is an operational
 domain that works throughout the global Internet without requiring any changes
 to the existing technical infrastructure.
     The killer applications on the Internet are those that allow people to
 communicate with one another.  These include email, chat, forums, and most
 recently, social networks.  The Internet's leading portals, from Google to
 Lycos, have identified social networking as a key business opportunity and
 strategy.  PW is the Internet's first global top-level domain dedicated
 exclusively for the formation of social networks and communities.
     "With spam and personal privacy threats on the rise, consumers are looking
 to gain better control of their personal information online.  They are looking
 for ways to communicate with like-minded people without risking personal
 information or compromising the addresses of friends and colleagues," said
 Thomas Barrett, founder of PW Registry Corporation. "The availability of PW
 capitalizes on the growing consumer demand for e-mail portability and a
 permanent Internet identity that is meaningful to the individual.  Resellers
 can take immediate advantage of this consumer interest by bundling it as part
 of access plans or as part of personal Web sites, online communities and
 social networks.  PW Registry was founded to provide the highest-levels of
 privacy to consumers - a commitment that will be extended to all future
 services offered by PW Registry."
     PW provides consumers and affinity organizations features and benefits not
 offered by other top level domains, such as:
      -- Guaranteed Availability:  The entire second level (i.e.
         http://www.(anystring).pw) is reserved by the Registry for public use.
         This allows for multiple online communities to exist for any
         conceivable string.  It also allows for common strings, words and
         names to be shared by unrelated individuals.
      -- Community Building:  The PW extension is ideal for the creation and
         management of online communities. Potential "Communities of Shared
         Interests" include shared surnames, geographic locations, alumni
         groups, hobbyists and other affinity organizations.  PW Registry
         Corporation provides tools for discussion forums and directory
      -- Management of Social Networks:  With its unique structure and
         policies, the PW domain is the ideal address for individuals looking
         to better manage and control their social network.  Unlike traditional
         social networks that are fragmented by professions or social interests
         and require users to compromise personal address books, a PW address
         enables users to establish their membership in a social network
         without exposing the identity of colleagues and friends.
      -- Personalized, Permanent E-Mail:  Individuals may register identities
         related to any conceivable online community and use it as their
         permanent presence on the Internet.  For example; a citizen of Juneau,
         Alaska can choose the address of "" or an avid fly
         fisherman can choose "".  There are no restrictions
         on what users can register as their email address.
      -- Individual Applications:  PW also enables individual applications such
         as "web logs" and digital photo albums at addresses such as
         "".  First-come, first-served registrations will be
         available for any third level domain name (i.e.
      -- Consumer Privacy:  With PW, consumers have complete control of their
         privacy.  Users control what material is available on community
         directories.  There are virtually no limitations on the strings an
         individual may register except that numeric-only strings will be
         reserved for future use. Personal data published in the Whois database
         will be limited.
     Public availability of the PW extension is scheduled for spring, 2004.  PW
 Registry is now actively seeking potential resellers, including domain name
 registrars, ISPs, Web hosting firms, social networks, online community hosts,
 wireless providers and Internet portals.
     The technical operations for the PW Registry will be managed by Basic
 Fusion, Inc.  This partnership provides PW Registry with a highly available
 and scalable architecture that utilizes the latest in industry-standard Shared
 Registry System protocols.   Worldwide resolution of PW domains are provided
 by UltraDNS.  UltraDNS also powers technology solutions for some of the
 world's largest networks, including Microsoft and 23 top level domains,
 including the .org and .uk extensions.  Interested resellers, suppliers,
 community moderators and customers should visit the PW Registry website to
 learn more:
     About PW Registry Corporation
     As the public trustee of the PW domain, PW Registry Corporation is
 responsible for ensuring that the management and administration of the PW top-
 level domain, the Internet's first domain extension devoted to "Communities of
 Shared Interest," is in the public interest. PW Registry Corporation provides
 the PW domain through partnership with the Micronesia Investment and
 Development Corporation, the ICANN-delegated Sponsor for PW; and the Palau
 National Communications Corporation, the designated point of contact within
 the Government of the Republic of Palau.  Assisting in the Policy Development
 Process for PW is the PW Policy Council, comprised of a cross-section of
 Internet stakeholders in the Republic of Palau.  For more information, please
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