QiGO Internet Content Keys Launched at D: All Things Digital Conference

First Company to Package Internet Experiences as Desirable Physical Objects

May 30, 2007, 01:00 ET from QiGO, LLC

    CARLSBAD, Calif., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- QiGO LLC (pronounced Key-Go),
 today announced the launch of QiGO Internet Content Keys at The Wall Street
 Journal's fifth D: All Things Digital Conference.
     (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20070530/AQW022 )
     QiGOs are key-shaped USB devices that immediately launch Internet
 experiences when plugged into PCs. Each QiGO physically looks like the
 experience it will launch. For example, a QiGO shaped like a rock band's
 logo will unlock that group's premium rich multimedia Internet experience;
 while one that looks like a popular children's character will bring up
 games and Internet-based content associated with that character. Because
 every QiGO is unique, passwords and user names are not needed -- Just Plug
 It In.
     "More and more companies are offering paid premium Internet services
 but there is no compelling way to sell that experience physically, such as
 at retail or in a gift box. It's still virtually impossible to go into a
 retail store today and buy an Internet experience such as a one year's
 subscription to a Web site or access to a popular band's premium fan site,"
 said Dan Klitsner, co-founder of QiGO, LLC. "Our goal was to make the
 Internet tangible and intuitive while eliminating user names, passwords and
 PINs. With a QiGO, you just plug it in and it works."
     QiGO Internet Content Keys are being demonstrated publicly for the
 first time at Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher's D: All Things Digital
     QiGO keys and a full suite of QiGO development, back-end and retail
 distribution services are now available to companies wishing to create the
 simplest and most fitting user experience for their content and brands.
 QiGO, LLC can also assist companies in placing existing Internet content
 into walled gardens that can only be accessed with QiGO keys.
     QiGO technology is already integrated into a variety of products
 currently in stores including:
     -- Konami's QiGO version of its popular online trading card game,
        Yu-Gi-Oh, which is currently the top selling product at the Konami Live
        Web site
     -- Hasbro's Net Jet Instant Online Game System
     QiGO technology has also been licensed to Fisher Price for use in
 pre-school toys that will connect children to gated versions of existing
 children's Web sites.
     QiGOs Internet Content Keys will be available to consumers at major
 retail outlets beginning this fall in the form of games, photo share and
 online subscriptions. QiGO projects are also under development with
 Electric Red, Rick Smolan's Against All Odds Productions, 20Q and others.
     Electric Red is looking at the QiGO solution as a a breakthrough
 technology to facilitate an awesome consumer experience," said John Sutyak,
 VP of licensing for Electric Red. "We are working with some great companies
 on QiGO projects such as ESPN's X Games brand.
     "By allowing us to offer access to an Internet experience in a
 compelling non-technical way, QiGO has opened up a new world of potential
 products for us," said Rick Smolan, CEO of Against All Odds Productions and
 the creator of the widely acclaimed and best-selling Day In The Life series
 of books. "Plug it in and it appears, pull it out and it disappears. QiGO
 gives us with such a simple yet powerful way to provide selective access to
 our online content."
     "Over 50 Million 20Q games have been played online -- but an online
 version has never been offered at retail. QiGO has collaborated with us to
 create 20Q Live -- a brand new game including online videos which is
 started by simply plugging in a key," said 20Q inventor Robin Burgener.
 "QiGO has added a whole new dimension to the 20Q experience. Their Internet
 key reaches new customers who may never find us online -- we are excited to
 be one of the first content partners to be available on the QiGO platform."
     20Q Live will be available this fall at major retailers.
     While QiGO technology can be implemented for a wide variety of
 products, it is especially well suited to six main product categories:
     -- Media -- QiGOs allow content owners to offer a compelling "Just Plug It
        In" full-screen rich media experience that can be updated on an ongoing
        basis.  QiGOs can also assist companies with content protection through
        technological means but more significantly through emotional means.
        Because the physical look and feel of QiGOs can be customized for every
        company and brand, they are expected to become desired collectors items
        in the same way that many creatively packaged record albums became
        treasured possessions.
     -- Subscription -- QiGO gives Internet content owners a new, simple and
        compelling way to sell subscriptions at retail or through other
        promotions. Access to content can be packaged in a desirable physical
        form that does not require the end users to enter PIN numbers or
        register.  All they do is Plug It In.
     -- Kid-Safe Internet -- QiGO allows children's companies to provide
        access to pre-selected, age-appropriate Internet experiences by simply
        plugging in a key.  For kid safe applications, QiGO can create a walled
        garden for the company's content that will not allow the child to click
        away to other sites.  It can configure PCs to block all Internet access
        on a computer except when a QiGO is plugged in.
     -- Photo and Video Share -- Because a set of QiGOs can be pre-configured
        to be linked together, they are well suited for photo and video sharing
        applications.  These applications make it easy for a person to send
        keys to friends and relatives giving them instant enjoyment of a set of
        photos simply by plugging in the key.
     -- Multi Player Games -- QiGOs can be configured to allow two or more
        people to play games against each other online.  No need for user names
        or passwords. Yu-Gi-Oh from Konami has already drawn in many new users
        with a QiGO based product.
     -- Promotion -- For companies with unique brands, QiGOs can be sent to
        customer prospects to give them a new promotional experience.  The
        prospect simply plugs in the key and is taken to a special Internet
        experience designed just for QiGO users.  Because the experience is
        Internet based and not saved in memory on the key, the experience can
        be constantly updated.
     About QiGO, LLC
     KID Group is a think tank, development and licensing group made up of
 entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and senior managers behind multiple
 product successes. QiGO LLC is a newly established company based on KID's
 patent pending Internet Key technology, which enables a safe, simple, plug
 and play connection to Internet content and communities.
     The company's mission is to create, develop and license innovative
 ideas for technology-driven toys, games and interactive entertainment. The
 company has broad experience and success in product development, licensing
 intellectual property and spotting new trends in technology based toys.
     With 17 years of expertise and working relationships with all major toy
 companies, KID's vision and process has sparked the launch of top selling
 interactive games worldwide. The company has licensed over 250 inventions
 to leading companies including Hasbro, Mattel, Fisher Price, Tonka, Wild
 Planet, Spin Master, Parker Brothers, Konami, Sega, Superscape, and
 Shockwave. Most notably, KID established the category of Interactive PC
 Playsets for Atari, and invented the hit game Bop it for Milton Bradley --
 over 15 million sold and counting.
     KID Group partners include, Dan Klitsner whose focus is Creative
 Direction and Innovation, Gary Levenberg, Software and Technology
 development and Brain Clemens, Product Development.
     Images available at: http://www.fotki.com/joshuaw/qigo .
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