QNX Publishes Neutrino Source Code and Opens Development Process

Sep 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from QNX Software Systems

    OTTAWA, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that revolutionizes software
 development practices by combining the best of the open source and
 commercial software domains, QNX Software Systems today announced that it
 is opening access to the source code of its QNX(R) Neutrino(R) realtime
 operating system (RTOS) under a new hybrid software licensing arrangement.
     Effective immediately, QNX will make source code for its award-winning,
 microkernel-based OS available for download. The first source release
 includes the code to the QNX Neutrino microkernel, the base C library, and
 a variety of board support packages (BSPs) for popular embedded and
 computing hardware.
     Not only can developers view the QNX Neutrino source code, but they can
 improve, modify, or extend that code for their own purposes or for the QNX
 community at large. They can then choose to offer back those changes to QNX
 Software Systems and the QNX development community or to keep their
 modifications private and proprietary.
     New Hybrid Software Model
     These changes are part of a new hybrid software model created by QNX
 that supports the customer's goal of profiting from software while fueling
 the passion for developing it.
     Access to QNX source code is free, but commercial deployments of QNX
 Neutrino runtime components still require royalties, and commercial
 developers will continue to pay for QNX Momentics(R) development seats.
 However, noncommercial developers, academic faculty members, and qualified
 partners will be given access to QNX development tools and runtime products
 at no charge.
     Customer and community members will also have the ability to
 participate in the QNX development process, similar to projects in the open
 source world. Through a transparent development process, software designers
 at QNX will publish development plans, post builds and bug fixes, and
 provide moderated support to the development process. They will also
 collaborate with customers and the QNX community, using public forums,
 wikis, and source code repositories.
     "With its new transparent development process, source code program, and
 development tool access plan, QNX is the vanguard of change in the world of
 commercial software development and deployment," said Dan Dodge, chief
 executive officer of QNX Software Systems. "Both commercial and hobbyist
 developers will have unprecedented access to the 'crown jewels' of our
 software as the base for creating the next great computing innovation."
     New Community Portal
     QNX has also introduced a new community portal website, called
 Foundry27, as the hub for its transparent development initiative. At
 Foundry27, customers and developers can access a wealth of resources
 relating to the QNX Neutrino RTOS and the QNX Momentics IDE, as well as to
 new community projects.
     Upon completing the free registration, users identify which of three
 different software licenses is appropriate to their interests and gain
 immediate access to copies of most QNX software products, as well as to
 source code for many of these components.
     Supporting Quotes
     David DeMint, Product Manager
     "When QNX introduces their hybrid software model, we believe the
 development community is going to be very excited. With access to QNX
 Neutrino source code, developers will experience its superior microkernel
 architecture and proven security and stability. As one of the largest
 embedded computing manufacturers, we plan to work with QNX to develop BSPs
 for ETX, COM-Express, and a wide range of SBC systems boards. Participating
 in the broader QNX community reflects Advantech's ongoing role as a leader
 in embedded computing."
     Charlie Ashton, Director of Software
     "We are pleased to see QNX introduce their hybrid software model. Many
 of our PowerPC customers already use the QNX Neutrino operating system and
 we expect that the new engagement model and transparent development process
 will increase adoption of QNX Neutrino within our customer base. The
 benefits of widely available source code are well understood in our market,
 so we look forward to a continued and growing partnership."
     Eclipse Foundation
     Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director
     "As one of the founding members of Eclipse, QNX as an organization has
 always been a very active member of our open source community. By embracing
 the concept of transparent development within their own companies,
 developers will further benefit from the technology and thought leadership
 that QNX has for years demonstrated as the head of our CDT Project."
     Extreme Engineering
     Bret Farnum, Vice President, Sales
     "By bringing the hybrid business model to the embedded market, QNX is
 combining the best of both the open source and commercial models. For
 commercial board vendors like Extreme Engineering, this hybrid model will
 enable us to rapidly bring support of QNX products to our customers. That's
 why we're hosting all of our QNX Board Support Packages on the QNX Bazaar."
     Freescale Semiconductor
     Raja Tabet, Director of Solutions and Enablement Technology
     "As the demand from OEM customers grows for multimedia solutions,
 particularly in automotive, consumer networking, and wireless, QNX is a
 valued partner in many of our processor initiatives. This new hybrid
 software model will enable Freescale and the multimedia development
 community to work more closely with QNX and speed the development of
 high-performance, media-rich systems."
     National Instruments
     Greg Crouch, Director of Embedded Business Development
     "National Instruments has long been working to lower the barriers of
 entry to embedded design for a broad base of engineers, scientists, and
 researchers. With their new hybrid software model, QNX has become much more
 accessible to this large and diverse group. We are very excited about the
 future of our partnership in both the commercial and academic spaces."
     Stan Kmiec, President
     "In our experience, availability of source code has allowed our
 customers to optimize implementations of our SNMP and CLI management agent
 tools and solutions. Gaining similar visibility into QNX's runtime
 components will not only help customer optimizations but will accelerate
 our own ability to integrate our products with theirs. This initiative will
 mesh the know-how and best initiatives of the user community with
 development programs at both QNX and NuDesign. As a result, I foresee many
 benefits for our joint customers going forward."
     Renesas Technology Corp.
     Tsutomu Miki, General Manager, Automotive Semiconductor Business Unit,
     Business Group
     "The availability of QNX's source code will enable developers to
 harness the power of the QNX Neutrino kernel when bringing the latest
 innovations built on Renesas platforms to market reliably and cost
 effectively. By introducing transparent development in a hybrid software
 model, QNX is fostering an environment that combines the best of commercial
 and open source software innovation."
     About QNX Software Systems
     QNX Software Systems, a Harman International company (NYSE:   HAR), is
 the industry leader in realtime, embedded OS technology. The
 component-based architectures of the QNX(R) Neutrino(R) RTOS and QNX
 Momentics(R) development suite together provide the industry's most
 reliable and scalable framework for building innovative, high-performance
 embedded systems. Global leaders such as Cisco, DaimlerChrysler, General
 Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens depend on QNX technology for network
 routers, medical instruments, vehicle telematics units, security and
 defense systems, industrial robotics, and other mission- or life-critical
 applications. Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is headquartered in
 Ottawa, Canada, and distributes products in over 100 countries worldwide.
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