QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase I Trial for Treatment to Reduce Both LDL Cholesterol and Lipoprotein (A)

Company's Novel Selective Thyroid Beta Agonist QRX-431 Targets Major Cause

of Coronary Heart Disease

Sep 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Company

    ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- QuatRx Pharmaceuticals, a
 privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on research and
 development of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of major endocrine,
 metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, today announced that it has
 initiated a Phase I clinical study of QRX-431, a novel compound in
 development for the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels and obesity.
 In pre-clinical primate studies, QRX-431, a selective thyroid beta agonist,
 lowered LDL, lipoprotein (a) and weight without significantly increasing
 heart rate. High levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) have been shown
 to be a major cause of coronary heart disease, a condition affecting more
 than 13 million Americans. Elevated lipoprotein (a) [Lp(a)] has been linked
 to an increased risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.
     "We are extremely encouraged by the preclinical results for QRX-431. We
 feel this new drug candidate offers great promise as a therapy to help the
 millions of people with elevated lipid levels and obesity who may be at
 risk for stroke and coronary heart disease," said Robert L. Zerbe, M.D.,
 chief executive officer and president of QuatRx.
     Preclinical Study Results
     In preclinical primate studies, QRX-431 significantly reduced LDL
 cholesterol and Lp(a). To date, there are no approved therapies for the
 treatment of elevated Lp(a) levels. Study results also suggest that QRX-431
 activates reverse cholesterol transport, a protective mechanism involving
 transport of cholesterol from the arteries to the liver. QRX-431 may also
 act to induce weight loss. QRX-431 demonstrated a weight reduction in seven
 days in a primate study and did not significantly affect heart rate.
     LDL Cholesterol, Cardiovascular Disease and Current Treatments
     Collectively, more than 71 million Americans have some form of
 cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association.
 Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States,
 claiming more lives than cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases,
 accidents, and diabetes combined. Statins are commonly used to lower LDL
 cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Though effective
 for many people with high LDL cholesterol, statins have no effect on Lp(a),
 can cause many side effects and many people cannot tolerate the higher
 doses needed to achieve target LDL levels. Thyroid hormone has been shown
 to lower LDL levels and Lp(a), but unlike QRX-431, thyroid hormone also
 stimulates the thyroid alpha receptor, which produces increases in heart
 rate. For this reason, thyroid hormone has not been considered a viable
 therapy for lowering cholesterol or weight.
     About QuatRx
     QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Company is focused on discovering, licensing,
 developing and commercializing compounds in the endocrine, metabolic and
 cardiovascular therapeutic areas. In addition to QRX-431, QuatRx currently
 has three product candidates in clinical development. QuatRx's two lead
 compounds target hormone deficiencies that result from aging in women and
 men. Ophena(TM) is in Phase III development initially for the treatment of
 vaginal atrophy, a common problem associated with estrogen deficiency in
 post- menopausal women. Fispemifene, a treatment for testosterone
 deficiency, is in Phase II clinical testing. QuatRx is also developing
 Asord(TM), a topical product candidate for the treatment of psoriasis,
 which has completed a Phase IIb clinical trial.

SOURCE QuatRx Pharmaceuticals Company