RadioShack(R) Introduces New Product Line to Promote Consumer Health And Comfort

LifeWise(TM) Brand to Offer Individuals, Families Tools for Healthy Living

Sep 29, 2003, 01:00 ET from RadioShack Corporation

    FORT WORTH, Texas, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to the growing
 trend towards healthier lifestyles, RadioShack(R) Corporation (NYSE:   RSH), the
 most trusted consumer electronics specialty retailer, is introducing the
 LifeWise(TM) ( ) brand of wellness products that will be
 available exclusively at RadioShack stores beginning in late September.
     Technologically advanced, yet affordably priced (ranging from
 $4.99-$299.99), the LifeWise line includes 20 products and accessories.  Their
 uses range from personal health care and fitness (e.g., a wireless heart
 monitor; blood pressure monitor) to relaxation (e.g., sleep machine;
 massagers) and enhanced home comfort (e.g., air purifiers; humidifier; and
 oscillating heater fan).
     "In a time when health concerns, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood
 pressure, are foremost in the public's consciousness, we're proud that the
 LifeWise brand allows RadioShack to offer a full range of complementary
 products that meet the growing health interests of consumers," said Christiane
 Pendarvis, Vice President of Merchandising for Connecting Things at
 RadioShack.  "Carrying on RadioShack's commitment to making products
 affordable and accessible, the line features well-priced, easy-to-use products
 that respond to consumer's increasing desires to achieve improved health,
 personal balance and overall well-being."
     Starting in September, LifeWise will debut a content-rich Web site
 ( ), which will offer individuals and families answers
 and tips to enhance health and wellness, as well as detailed product
 information.  In addition, LifeWise will launch a national campaign designed
 to help Americans take meaningful steps toward improved health and well-being.
 Extending her relationship with RadioShack, actress and singer Vanessa
 Williams will be featured in a national media campaign.
     "Since women typically make the health-related decisions in their homes,
 the LifeWise brand has been developed with the needs of time-pressed women in
 mind," explained Pendarvis.  "LifeWise is about making health, comfort and
 peace of mind attainable for women and their families."
     The following is an overview of the LifeWise product offerings in the
 areas of personal health and fitness, relaxation, and home comfort:
     "Personal Best"
     LifeWise's new line of personal care products offer consumers the right
 technology to take better care of themselves and their families.  For
 individuals who want to maintain a healthy target heart rate, the Wireless
 Heart Rate Monitor by LifeWise tracks the user's average heart rate and
 calories burned.  To further help health-conscious individuals achieve their
 fitness goals, LifeWise offers a compact and easy-to-use Body Fat Analyzer,
 Pulse Monitor Watch and Digital Pedometer.
     To help consumers maintain optimal health, LifeWise offers a Wrist-Cuff or
 Arm-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor that enables individuals to screen systolic
 and diastolic blood pressure, along with their pulse, at home.  LifeWise's
 handy Pillbox Timer can remind individuals of their important medication
 needs, while the LifeWise Digital In-Ear Thermometer can provide a quick, easy
 and comfortable temperature reading for children and adults.
     For increased relaxation, LifeWise offers a choice of a Handheld Massager
 and Rechargeable Handheld Massager to help alleviate body aches and stiffness.
 In addition, the Aromatherapy Sleep Machine by LifeWise helps relax the senses
 and help one drift into a restful, rejuvenating sleep.
     "Hearth and Home"
     A healthier environment at home has become a priority for many, including
 asthma and allergy sufferers and pet owners.  LifeWise offers a selection of
 three whisper-quiet Environizer(TM) Electronic Air Purifiers (Ultra, Full-Size
 and Compact), which help remove dust, dander, pollen and smoke efficiently and
 conveniently from the air that passes through them.  The Environizer Ultra
 offers additional protection by using ultraviolet light (the same technology
 used in hospitals and restaurants) to reduce germs and bacteria in the air
 that passes through it.
     In addition, the Environizer(TM) Cool Mist Digital Humidifier, which uses
 anti-bacterial filters that are specially treated to help prevent surface
 growth of mold and bacteria, restores healthy moisture levels to dry indoor
 air.  The unique oscillating action of the Environizer(TM) Oscillating Heater
 Fan provides greater home comfort by circulating warmth in a room.
     About RadioShack Corporation
     Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack(R) Corporation is the nation's most
 trusted consumer electronics specialty retailer of wireless communications,
 electronic parts, batteries and accessories as well as other digital
 technology products and services.  With more than 7,000 stores nationwide, it
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