Rainbow Sash Movement: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Catholics Responds to the Catholic Bishops

Nov 02, 2006, 00:00 ET from Rainbow Sash Movement

    CHICAGO, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The US Rainbow Sash Movement will be
 sending a delegation to the Sunday, Nov. 12, 4:40 p.m.: Procession, Mass
 for U.S. Catholic Bishops to be held Baltimore Basilica, America's first
 cathedral. This liturgy will begin the US Conference of Catholic Bishops
 Fall meeting. The delegation will be wearing Rainbow Sashes to speak to
 truths of our lives. If the Bishops deny us Communion for being truthful it
 will only bring further shame on the Church.
     The Bishops of the United States admit to being confused about exactly
 how they should minister to Gay Catholics. They wonder how they can provide
 for their spiritual needs on one hand, while working hard to prevent the
 same people from receiving the same benefits that the civil society offers
 to people who go to bed with persons of the opposite gender.
     Our Catholic Bishops lament that no one has found a cause of
 homosexuality, but they have never sought the cause of heterosexuality
 either. For reasons known only to them, they have never considered that
 human sexual orientation should be natural, spontaneous and joyous, no
 matter how it is expressed.
     Nor, it seems, have they ever considered that the relationships enjoyed
 by Gay men and Lesbians are relationships based on love, where sex is no
 more or less of a factor than it is in straight relationships.
     The one thing that the Bishops are quite clear on, is that their
 Guidelines on Pastoral Care are, at least for now, the final word on how
 priests all over the nation are to treat Gay parishioners. It's worthy of
 note that no where in this document do they take time to "factor in" the
 limitlessness of God's love and the fact that it is eternally and
 universally offered.
     Nowhere in this document do they acknowledge that God DID create Adam
 and DID create Yves, despite the exploitation of this phrase by the self-
 righteous. In fact, God DID create Barbara and DID create Joan, and DID
 create our wonderful heterosexual brothers and sisters as well. But in
 their arrogance, the American Bishops are quite convinced they know that
 the deficiencies of homosexuality and the superiority of heterosexuality
 could never be rendered insignificant by the eternal love of God.
     Indeed, in this passive-aggressive document, they have been able to
 make themselves heroes when in fact they are bold aggressors and
 destroyers. Their dogma destroys the natural joy of the human soul when it
 finds healthy expression and love. This they have the temerity to call
 'evil,' when it is they who perpetuate hate, fear and ignorance of others.
     These bishops are comfortable twisting logic with their own perverse
 morality, and they take no responsibility for the lives they damage in the
     We stand for the fact that the love of God is found everywhere. To join
 the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit www.rainbowsashmovement.com

SOURCE Rainbow Sash Movement