Ramco Systems Delivers Series of Next-Generation Enterprise Applications

Innovative Development & Delivery Platform Closes Gap Between Business & IT

Feb 26, 2003, 00:00 ET from Ramco Systems

    LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ramco Systems, a
 global provider of enterprise solutions and services that close the gap
 between business needs and IT capabilities, today announced the delivery of
 Ramco Enterprise Series(TM) Release 4.0, the newest version of its enterprise
 software solutions.  These comprehensive, next-generation enterprise
 applications are delivered as a series of suites, tailored to meet the
 specific vertical industry requirements for process manufacturing (Ramco
 Enterprise: Process(TM)), discrete manufacturing (Ramco Enterprise:
 Discrete(TM)) and asset-intensive industries (Ramco Enterprise Asset
 Management(TM)).  In addition, the company is rolling out horizontal solutions
 in human resources (Ramco Human Resource Management System(TM)) and business
 intelligence (Ramco Business Decisions(TM)); and back-office solutions for
 finance and distribution (Ramco Corporate Solutions(TM)), tailored to retail
 and service industries.
     Ramco Enterprise Series applications have been built on a groundbreaking,
 model-based application development and delivery platform called Ramco
 VirtualWorks(TM).  Ramco VirtualWorks includes a model-based architecture, a
 complete web-enabled set of workbenches for the application development
 lifecycle, as well as methodologies for all stages of development and
 implementation.  An "extreme productivity platform," Ramco VirtualWorks allows
 companies to visualize, implement and change software faster, easier and at
 lower cost than with the current generation of leading standard enterprise
     Based on a unique, comprehensive model of granular business processes and
 supporting rules, companies can use the applications as-is, or combine and re-
 combine components dynamically to reflect their current -- and future business
     The introduction of the Ramco System's groundbreaking architecture and
 applications represents an investment of 1,500 person-years.  "Our experience
 in working with hundreds of companies led us to take a completely different
 approach to developing and evolving next-generation enterprise applications
 that meet today's business realities," said P.R.Venketrama Raja, vice-chairman
 and managing director of Ramco Systems.  "The reality is that each customer's
 business is unique -- and that it will inevitably change.  Ramco Enterprise
 Series, combined with Ramco VirtualWorks(TM), give customers comprehensive and
 flexible solutions that match their current individual requirements and adapt
 easily and continuously to future change on-demand."
     Release 4.0 is based on the company's proven delivery of its previous
 enterprise applications suite (Release 3.0), which is installed at over 350
 companies and 1,000 sites worldwide.  Close to 20 companies have signed
 contracts and/or are using Ramco Enterprise Series 4.0 suites to date.  Bemis
 Company and the Oregon Research Institute are among the first North American
 customers to adopt Release 4.0.  Ramco Enterprise Series are web-based and
 collaboration-ready.  Developed in a technology-neutral environment, the
 applications are available for IBM, J2EE and .NET platforms, making them
 "future-proof" for customers' technical environments.
     "Ramco has built vertical specific solutions that meet the specialized
 needs of their target markets," said Yvonne Genovese, research director at
 Gartner Research.  "They have taken a unique approach by having different core
 products for each vertical, avoiding the typical conflict between different
 industry requirements."
     Ramco Enterprise Series was designed to address the gaps of the current
 generation of enterprise applications by:
     *     Providing accepted best practice functionality and industry-specific
           requirements while addressing customer-specific unique processes
     *     Enabling and supporting real-time business change -- whether
           proactive (through continuous business innovation, changing business
           processes and practices in real-time in order to out-maneuver their
           competition) or reactive (in response to customer demands,
           government regulations or competitor innovation).
     *     Assimilating multiple types of applications within a company's
           enterprise portfolio into integrated business processes
     Bemis Company and the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) are among the first
 North American companies to adopt Enterprise Series Release 4.0.  Bemis is the
 largest flexible packaging company in the Americas and a major manufacturer of
 pressure sensitive materials used for labels, decoration and signage.  The
 company has Ramco's current ERP applications installed in 30 locations and has
 selected Enterprise Series 4.0 maintenance applications in one of its European
     ORI has selected Ramco Enterprise Human Resource Management System.  "We
 chose Ramco solutions for its comprehensive offering in the areas of HR,
 Payroll, Benefits Administration, Accruals and Electronic Timesheets, and
 Employee Self Service," said Cynthia Gunn, Administrative Coordinator of ORI.
 "In particular, we will benefit from the system's seamless integration of
 electronic timesheets to payroll which also automatically handles an
 individual employees' multiple assignments and compensation.  The Ramco team
 is very customer oriented in providing a well-defined methodology, detailed
 documentation, and a friendly positive attitude from its consultants."
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     About Ramco Systems
     Ramco Systems Limited (http://www.ramco.com), established in 1989, is a
 global provider of enterprise solutions that close the gap between companies'
 IT capabilities and business objectives.  Ramco Systems' solutions include
 Ramco Enterprise Series, packaged application suites; Ramco Enterprise Custom
 Solutions, for unique customer requirements; and Ramco VirtualWorks, a
 groundbreaking, model-based development and delivery platform.  More than
 1,400 employees serve 1,000 customer sites in 70 industry segments worldwide,
 including Bemis, Cisco, Columbia Helicopters, Ericsson, Hyundai, MJB Woods,
 Philips and Swatch.  Based in Chennai, India, Ramco Systems is part of the
 Ramco Group, one of India's most respected organizations and in business for
 63 years.  The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock
 Exchange and the Madras Stock Exchange.  Ramco Systems serves more than 140
 customers in the U.S. and has offices in Lawrenceville, NJ, Lisle, IL and
 Milipitas, CA.
     Ramco Systems.  Where Enterprise Solutions Meet Business Reality(SM).
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