Real-Time Innovations to Give Embedded Linux Developers Real-Time Analysis Capability With StethoScope

Jan 15, 2001, 00:00 ET from Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
 today released StethoScope(R) for Linux(R), the visualization tool for
 monitoring and analyzing embedded and real-time applications. As the leading
 real-time monitoring tool in the embedded industry, StethoScope empowers
 developers to understand and debug complex real-time code. Now embedded
 software developers who want to use the Linux operating system have an
 off-the-shelf analysis tool to help them improve their software quality and
 reduce development time.
     Chris Conrad, principal engineer at Veraxx Engineering, said, "We use
 StethoScope to help us streamline our real-time software development process.
 It's been great for monitoring and analyzing our system as it runs. As Linux
 developers, we see specialized analysis tools like StethoScope as invaluable
 for getting the system out on time and within specification."
     Software developers using Linux as their platform need specialized tools
 that help them analyze and debug their embedded systems. Now StethoScope helps
 fill the gap in the current visualization tool offering for Linux.
     "Embedded developers face huge challenges working with systems that
 require small footprints, speed, reliability, and short development schedules.
 Proven tools like RTI's ScopeTools(TM) help," relates Stan Schneider,
 president and chief executive officer of RTI. "StethoScope, a long-time member
 of the ScopeTools suite, provides developers the insight they need to test,
 debug and improve their embedded applications. StethoScope analyzes data
 activities on production Linux code running at full speed with virtually no
     About StethoScope for Linux
     StethoScope, the real-time data monitor, lets you watch any variable or
 memory location in your system while it runs. You can watch any set of
 variables, see peak values and glitches you would otherwise miss, trigger data
 collection on specific events, change variables from the host GUI while your
 program runs, and save all your data to the disk. It is built for minimal
 intrusion and impact on system performance. One of the original ScopeTools(TM)
 visualization tools, StethoScope is one of the most popular off-the-shelf
 tools for embedded development. StethoScope gives users the visibility needed
 to understand their real-time system and make it work.
     StethoScope v5.3 for Linux is available from Real-Time Innovations,
 January 12, 2001.  Pricing for individual seats of StethoScope for Linux
 starts at $995. It is free to university users through Real-Time Innovations'
 university program. For more information, contact Real-Time Innovations at
 408-734-4200 or .
     Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
     Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI) is a leading developer of new tools and
 architectures for the growing real-time software market. The company's
 products help real-time developers analyze and understand embedded systems,
 speed development of distributed real-time systems, and coordinate the work of
 teams of programmers developing large projects. RTI products power
 applications ranging from network monitoring to the Space Shuttle
 launch-control system. RTI has thousands of customers, including leading
 companies in aerospace, semiconductor equipment, telecommunications, robotics,
 and industrial automation. Together with our customers, we are "Shaping the
 Future of Real Time."
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