Red Letter Day for Americans With Disabilities: ADA Amendments Act Signing and Start of One More Way National Tour

Sep 24, 2008, 01:00 ET from The Sierra Group Foundation

    KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting in Columbus,
 Ohio, on September 25th -- the same day President Bush is slated to sign
 the much anticipated ADA Amendments Act of 2008 into law -- persons with
 disabilities, their service providers and potential employers will learn
 first-hand about an innovative, national employment collaborative dedicated
 to persons with disabilities.
     Developed by The Sierra Group Foundation, the One More Way
 collaborative will be a central focus of a ten-city, ten-week national tour
 that will help introduce the initiative's revolutionary approach to
 increasing employment among workers and veterans with disabilities.
     "Given that Americans with disabilities represent the largest pool of
 untapped labor in our country, we are thrilled that the start of our
 national tour happens to coincide with the momentous event of the signing
 of the ADA Amendments Act," said Sierra Group Foundation Chair, Janet
 Fiore. "This legislation will help provide more accommodations for more
 American workers with disabilities, which mirrors the similarly inclusive
 nature of the One More Way initiative."
     The introduction of The Sierra Group Foundation's One More Way national
 employment collaborative, officially launched earlier this year in
 Washington, D.C., will be the focal point of the two-month tour. The
 collaborative's unique approach to increasing employment among workers with
 disabilities is based on its 'open source' philosophy: Employment will
 increase if there is an easier way for persons with disabilities, agencies
 and employers large and small to connect with each other. By becoming a One
 More Way member, these varied groups become part of a larger entity, with
 unprecedented access to more employment opportunities, resumes and support.
     "The One More Way collaborative came about as a response to business,
 service providers and job seekers with disabilities -- particularly
 veterans -- who voiced that they were having difficulty getting connected,"
 said Fiore. "The '10 Cities -- 10 Weeks' tour quickly developed as our best
 and fastest way to invite large groups of interested parties to become
 members and join with us as we answer this urgent call for employment
     Hosted by speakers from The Sierra Group Foundation, the national
 tour's itinerary includes audience-specific training sessions that
 highlight innovative technologies, ADA-related accessibility/compliance
 strategies and a call to membership for all. The tour program includes:
-- Free membership to the One More Way collaborative and access to the developing Job Board, sponsored by Diversity, Inc. -- Training in the use of the "Search for One More Way" customized disability/employment search tool, powered by Google(R) -- Federal and state employment incentive information; and -- Tele-Seminars for agencies, job seekers, and businesses both large and small "Synergy and relationships are the hallmark of Sierra Group's work to date; we're just taking the concept to the next level," said Fiore. "It's exciting for me as an entrepreneur to be able to give away valuable information that I've earned in my own work, and to see it re-purposed to help others work," Fiore added. "Moreover, the support is catching on and other corporate leaders from businesses such as Diversity, Inc., CVS, Washington Mutual UCB, Inc., and RecruitMilitary are all on board helping to sponsor and support this widening circle of connection. Together, we can and will drive up employment for Americans with disabilities."
Tour Schedule: September 25 -- Columbus, Ohio October 3 -- Wellesley, Massachusetts October 8 -- Portland, Oregon October 17 -- Dublin, Ohio October 18 -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania October 25 -- St. Louis, Missouri November 1 -- Bensalem, Pennsylvania November 3 -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania November 20 -- Syracuse, New York November 21 -- Jacksonville, Florida One More Way is an 'open source' program of The Sierra Group Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to driving up employment for Americans with Disabilities,

SOURCE The Sierra Group Foundation