RedSky's E911 Anywhere(TM) Delivers Centralized 911 for Enterprise IP Telephony

Solution provides location tracking, 911 call routing for IP phones in US,


Oct 25, 2007, 01:00 ET from RedSky Technologies, Inc.

    NEW YORK, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- RedSky Technologies, Inc., the
 leading provider of automated E911 solutions to the enterprise, announced
 today the launch of E911 Anywhere(TM), a new service that centralizes
 location tracking and 911 call routing for enterprises deploying IP
 telephony. E911 Anywhere tracks the location of IP telephones both inside
 and outside the enterprise and routes 911 calls to the correct local Public
 Safety Answering Point (PSAP) anywhere in the United States and Canada
 without the use of expensive local 911 trunks. The announcement was made at
 Interop New York 2007.
     E911 Anywhere works with RedSky's award-winning E911 Manager enterprise
 application, which handles the location tracking of all enterprise phones
 and supplies location records in real time to E911 Anywhere. E911 Anywhere
 then validates and stores this location information. When a 911 call is
 placed, the enterprise call server sends the call to the E911 Anywhere
 service which retrieves the location of the caller and routes the call to
 the PSAP responsible for the caller.
     "E911 Anywhere is the perfect emergency calling solution for large,
 distributed enterprises that have made a commitment to IP telephony," says
 Nicholas Maier, RedSky's Senior Vice President. "E911 Anywhere ensures that
 911 callers get the help they need quickly while also offering large
 enterprises a way to save tens of thousands of dollars per month through
 the elimination of costly local 911 trunks."
     Instead, E911 Anywhere uses the enterprise WAN to deliver all 911 calls
 to RedSky's Tier 1 infrastructure and network provider partners. Any type
 of phone on the enterprise IP network can use the service including analog,
 digital, IP hardphones, softphones and SIP phones. E911 Anywhere also
 offers value-added options such as call recording and call bifurcation
 which are important to certain large enterprises that operate their own
 internal PSAPs.
     Pricing for the E911 Anywhere service, which is now available for
 delivery, is based on the number of phones using the service within an
 enterprise IP telephony network and is billed monthly.
     About RedSky
     RedSky Technologies, Inc. helps large organizations of all types
 capture, manage and deliver the detailed location information necessary to
 provide effective 9-1-1 emergency response. Over 300 enterprises, including
 50 Fortune 500(R) companies, rely on RedSky to automate their E911
 processes. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, RedSky has partnerships with
 leading telecommunications and 911 organizations to help shape 911 policy,
 and deliver technology solutions for E911. For more information on RedSky,

SOURCE RedSky Technologies, Inc.