Redux's Cocaine Energy Drink to Go Nameless

Jun 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from Redux Beverages

    LAS VEGAS, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Redux Beverages announced
 that its world-famous energy drink Cocaine would take on a new name, or
 rather a lack thereof. In a move unprecedented in the cluttered energy
 drink market, Redux will soon allow its users to individually decide what
 they want the drink to be called. The new packaging will feature a white
 "billboard" and copy ("Insert Name Here") encouraging the user to name it,
 write on it and brand it. In addition Redux will produce a line of
 stickers, presented via new in-store displays, to be placed on the cans
 just in case the user needs a little "help" naming it. Some sticker
 examples are "Banned by The Man," "Screwed" and "Censored." An ongoing
 naming challenge on the website ( will also be part of the
     The impetus for the name change came from political threats from the
 FDA and several state attorneys general. In May, Redux announced the new
 name was going to be Censored, but later decided to go a different route,
 "one that was a lot more fun and engaging" said Redux founder Jamey Kirby.
     Mr. Kirby went on to say, "People are tired of all the expected, fake
 and silly testosterone-fueled, balls-to-the wall goofy names out there. We
 saw this as an opportunity to put the name of the drink in the hands of the
 user. Let them decide what they want to call it. We felt this was the best
 way to maintain the rebellious and fun spirit that the Cocaine brand is."
     Redux Beverages LTD, founded in 2006, manufactures one of the three
 most- talked about energy drinks on the market (along with Red Bull and
 Rockstar). Initially called Cocaine, Redux was forced to rename the
 beverage in 2007 due to FDA regulations. In an innovative move, Redux
 literally gave naming rights to the user by producing a nameless can
 featuring a customizable white "billboard" for consumers to write in
 whatever they want. Redux is also working on new product lines, promised to
 be equally as innovative, which will be announced soon.

SOURCE Redux Beverages