Regis University's Regionally Accredited Online MBA Delivers Education Worldwide

Internet Unites Students In Hawaii, Germany And Japan

Jun 30, 1999, 01:00 ET from University Alliance

    TAMPA, Fla., June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Linda Koch is enrolled in her fourth
 Master of Business Administration course, but her Hawaii home is far removed
 from Regis University's prestigious 120-year-old Denver, Colorado, campus.
 The same is true of Michael Reiners, a fellow Regis student across the Pacific
 in Japan, and Mark Summers, yet another classmate in Germany.  But geography
 is no problem for Linda, Michael and Mark, who unite in Regis University's
 online classroom.
     Worldwide, more than 1,200 students representing 10 percent of Regis
 University's student body are enrolled in its regionally accredited online
 External MBA (EMBA) program, made available by the University Alliance
 ( ) in Tampa, Florida.  Among distance education
 programs, Regis University's EMBA is the largest of its kind in the nation,
 producing 84 graduates since its January 1997 inception.  The 10, eight-week,
 three-credit-hour courses mirror those taught at the University's land-based
 campus and can be completed in less than two years.  No classroom attendance
 is required, as interaction between students and professors takes place via
 multimedia and Internet technologies.
     For Linda Koch, earning an MBA could dramatically change her life.  With a
 husband, three children under six and another on the way, she makes a daily
 three-hour round-trip commute to her job as a sanitary chemist for the City of
 Honolulu.  Koch's true passion, however, is the family's two-acre aquaculture
 farm in the quaint town of Waialua.  "Aquaculture has a very bad reputation in
 that many entrepreneurs start out with good intentions, but fail on the
 business end," she said.  "I want to succeed and make the farm very
 profitable.  I believe I can do that with the knowledge gained in my Regis MBA
     As a supply department head for the US Navy, 30-year-old Michael Reiners
 is responsible for buying the food to feed soldiers and sailors stationed in
 Yokohama, Japan.  His upward mobility is directly dependent on his level of
 education, so earning an MBA is a necessity.  "I'm especially impressed with
 the level of instruction," remarked Reiners of Regis' EMBA faculty, which
 includes award-winning professionals and Fulbright Scholars.  "This is a real
 MBA we are working towards."  Another bonus is the flexibility of Regis'
 distance learning program, which allows Reiners to maximize his study time.
 "I listen to tapes during my workout, watch videos at lunch, and type up my
 homework on the train," he explained.  "I go online during breaks at the
 office, and spend time reading at night."
     In Munich, Mark Summers discovered even the virtual world can be a small
 one.  "I found out one of my classmates was born in the same hospital in
 Hagerstown, Maryland," he said.  Summers has lived abroad for 30 years working
 as a consultant and CPA, but at age 58, it's been 40 years since his
 undergraduate courses.  "Theory and content were much different then," he
 said.  So is the need to be in a land-based classroom, something the Regis
 EMBA doesn't require.  "During at least two courses, I found myself partly in
 the USA and partly in Germany," Summers said.  "For that I was glad to have a
 global Internet provider!"
     In addition to Regis University's EMBA program, the University Alliance
 also makes available regionally accredited undergraduate distance learning
 degree programs from Florida's Saint Leo College.  MBA and BA courses begin
 every eight weeks.  For more information visit
 or call 1-888-622-7344.  Media request extension 384.

SOURCE University Alliance