Release 9 of SecuGen's SDK Collection Now Provides Support for Java, Sun Solaris, and the ANSI-INCITS 378 Fingerprint Biometric Standard

Jun 26, 2006, 01:00 ET from SecuGen Corporation

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- SecuGen is pleased to
 announce the next release of its Software Developer Kit (SDK) Collection,
 which is used to build powerful biometric software applications that
 incorporate SecuGen's increasingly popular fingerprint recognition
     The SecuGen SDK Collection Release 9 supports the widest range of
 platforms in the industry, including Java, Sun Solaris, Windows, Windows
 CE, Windows CE .NET, Linux (USB), DOS, Microsoft .NET, and Pocket PC 2003.
 SecuGen's minutiae-based fingerprint recognition technology allows a
 person's fingerprints to work like unique digital codes that are more
 secure and convenient than passwords and that are not easily lost, stolen
 or forgotten. This newest release of the SecuGen SDK Collection provides
 software developers with the widest choice of operating system platforms
 for their biometric applications.
     "The demand for fingerprint biometrics is growing very rapidly.
 Software developers can now build powerful software applications that
 integrate SecuGen's rugged and accurate fingerprint sensors across all of
 today's important platforms. The improvements and new features in our SDK
 Collection Release 9 are, as always, a direct response to the needs and
 requirements of our partners," says Dan Riley, SecuGen's VP of Software
     The SDK Collection Release 9 includes seventeen SDKs and boasts a
 generous list of new features and updates:
     o The new FDx SDK Pro for Windows now supports ANSI-INCITS 378-2004, the
       fingerprint template standard adopted as a mandatory biometric format
       for government applications such as the FIPS 201 Personal Identity
       Verification (PIV) Program.
     o The new Auto-On(TM) feature found in the soon-to-be released Hamster
       Plus(TM) is used to make fingerprint scanning a truly intuitive process.
       Source code for using Auto-On is included in the new FDx SDK Pro for
     o The new FDx SDK for Java
     o The new FDx SDK for Sun Solaris
     o The updated FDx SDK for Linux has broadened its capability to support
       Debian, Fedora Core3, Fedora Core4, and RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 & 4,
       in addition to RedHat Linux and SuSE Linux.
     o The updated FDU SDK for Windows and SecuBSP SDK for Windows both support
       the soon-to-be released Hamster Plus with Auto-On feature.
     Won Lee, SecuGen's President & CEO, added, "Our consistent strategy has
 been to offer the broadest collection of SDKs in the industry royalty-free
 at a very low price. We have become very effective in enabling Independent
 Software Vendors (ISVs) to incorporate our fingerprint technology into
 their applications quickly, easily, and affordably. This helps SecuGen by
 broadening the base of applications that are compatible with our devices,
 and it helps our ISV partners by making it easy for them to deliver
 state-of-the-art security products on all of today's important operating
 system platforms."
     SecuGen offers free SDK upgrades to those who have purchased the SDK
 Collection or an SDK Maintenance package within the past twelve months. For
 more information, please contact us at
     About SecuGen
     SecuGen Corporation ( is the world's leading provider
 of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools
 and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and
 develops proprietary and patented fingerprint sensors and algorithms and
 markets OEM components, developer kits, application software and
 fingerprint peripherals worldwide for a wide range of applications.
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