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Mar 17, 2005, 00:00 ET from Research and Markets

    DUBLIN, Ireland, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets
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 of Nano Drug Delivery: The Impact of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Global
 Developments, Market Analysis and Future Prospects to their offering.
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      This report examines the business opportunities that are being created by
 nano-engineered solutions for the drug delivery market. According to one
 source, approximately $65 billion in drug revenues every year are accounted
 for by pharmaceuticals with poor bio-availability which far too often results
 in higher patient costs and inefficient treatment but also, more importantly,
 increased risks of toxicity or even death. Because nanotechnology focuses on
 the very small it is uniquely suited to creating systems that can better
 deliver drugs to tiny areas within the body. Nano-enabled drug delivery also
 makes it possible for drugs to permeate through cell walls, which is of
 critical importance to the expected growth of genetic medicine over the next
 few years.
     This report examines which of the many emerging nano-enabled drug delivery
 systems have the best prospects and when and where they are likely to be used.
 Areas covered include encapsulation technologies, implantable delivery
 methods, imaging agents and microneedles. Technologies covered include
 dendrimers, nanotubes and fullerenes, nanoparticles, quantum dots and
 magnetic/electrical targeting methods. The report also takes a look at the
 technical, market and regulatory barriers to implementing nano-enabled drug
 delivery systems, noting likely differences in implementation patterns in the
 major industrialized countries. This report forecasts the market for new
 technologies broken out by drug delivery type and technology platform. It will
 be of vital interest to drug delivery system manufacturers, other medical
 device manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms and healthcare providers.
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