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     This new report, The Market for Flexible Displays and Field Emission
 Displays: How Plastic Electronics and Carbon Nanotubes are Creating New
 Opportunities in the Display Business analyzes and quantifies the impact of
 nanotubes and conductive plastics on the display industry in the coming eight
 years. Questions answered by this report include the following:
      -- What current issues with television and micro-displays will these new
         materials/technology platforms help solve?
      -- What is the likely roadmap for nano-enabled displays? (The report
         contains a detailed timetable broken out by type of display and
         application segment.)
      -- Where are the real market opportunities for novel display products
         such as "electronic paper" and FED TVs? Will field emission devices
         ever be used for microdisplays? Will plastic displays ever make it
         into the television market?
      -- What marketing and manufacturing strategies are the firms in this
         space adopting? How far can the IP-centric/fabless model take them?
         (The report includes profiles of 12 leading firms active in this
         space, as well as a summary of activities by cooperative groups in
         Asia and Europe.)
      -- How will the evolution of polymer inks and industrial ink-jet printers
         change the display market? How will carbon nanotubes be used in
         plastic electronics?
      -- What is the market size and growth potential for the new generation of
         nano-enabled displays? (This report provides eight-year growth
         projections broken out by type of technology and application area.
         Areas forecast in this report include: outdoor/billboard displays,
         shelf-edge displays/electronic labels, television displays (by screen
         size), computer displays (desktops, notebooks and workstations),
         cellphones, smartphones/PDAs, handheld/portable video devices,
         industrial/medical handhelds, electronic games, automotive and
     This report is designed to provide critical information for firms involved
 in the display market and their materials and device suppliers. Readers who
 will find this report invaluable will include strategic planning and business
 development executives, marketers and product managers, as well as venture
 capitalists and investment bankers. platform.
     The contents of this report are as follows:
      Executive Summary
      E.1 Introduction
      E.2 Evolution of "Nano-Displays"
      E.3 The Players
      E.4 Summary of Forecasts
      Chapter One: Introduction
      1.1 Background to Report
      1.2 Objectives of this Report
      1.3 Scope of Report
      1.4 Methodology of this Report
      1.5 Plan of Report
     Chapter Two: Assessment of Nanotechnologies Impacting the Display Industry
      2.1 Introduction
      2.1.1 Nanotechnologies
      2.1.2 Types of Display
      2.2 Plastic Electronics and Displays
      2.2.1 Key Technical and Market Advantages of Plastic Displays
      2.2.2 OLEDs
      2.2.3 Major Product Directions for Plastic/OLED Displays
      2.2.4 Unresolved Issues for "Plastic" and Flexible Displays
      2.2.5 Unresolved Issues for OLEDs
      2.3 Field Emission Displays
      2.3.1 Advantages and Major Product Directions for FEDs
      2.3.2 Unresolved Issues for FEDs
      2.4 Other Uses for CNTs in the Display Industry
      2.5 The Use of Nano Tools in the Display Industry
     Chapter Three: Strategic Assessment of Firms Involved with Nano-Displays
      3.1 Introduction
      3.2 Cambridge Display Technology
      3.3 cDream
      3.4 E Ink
      3.5 Eikos
      3.6 Gyricon
      3.7 Kodak
      3.8 MicroEmissive Displays
      3.9 NTERA
      3.10 Philips/Polymer Vision
      3.11 Plastic Logic
      3.12 Samsung
      3.13 Universal Display Corporation
      3.14 Other Manufacturers and Alliances
      3.14.1 Other Asian Firms and Initiatives
      3.14.2 European Initiatives
     Chapter Four: Forecast of Nano-Display Markets by Size and Technology
      4.1 Introduction
      4.2 Forecasting Philosophy
      4.3 Advertising Displays
      4.4 Television Displays
      4.5 Computer Displays
      4.6 Cell Phone, Handheld and Portable CE Displays
      4.7 Other Display Markets
     Forecast Exhibits
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays by Application
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays by Materials Platform
     Exhibit 4-1
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays for Advertising
     Exhibit 4-2
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays for Television ($ Millions)
     Exhibit 4-3
     Potential Advantages of Flexible Displays in the Computing Sector
     Exhibit 4-4
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays for Computers ($ Millions)
     Exhibit 4-5
     Potential Advantages of Nano-Enabled Displays in the Handheld/ Portable CE
     Exhibit 4-6
     Summary of Forecasts of Nano-Enabled Displays for Computers
     Exhibit 4-7
     Summary of Forecasts of "Other" Nano-Enabled Displays
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