Research and Markets: New Business and Market Analysis of Worldwide Trends in High Performance, Active Wear and Corporate Apparel

May 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Research and Markets

    DUBLIN, Ireland, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets
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 of Performance Apparel Markets - Issue 12 to their offering.
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     Four times a year, Performance Apparel Markets provides subscribers with
 business and market analysis of worldwide trends in high performance
 activewear and corporate apparel. Each issue of Performance Apparel Markets
      - A report on major developments in the global performance apparel
        market, focusing on new products, new technologies, new fibres and key
      - A detailed, independently-researched report on one of the following
        topics: moisture management; temperature regulation; stretch; high
        strength; reflective wear; support wear; UV protection; windproof,
        waterproof and water-resistant technologies; flame retardancy; and
        "smart" textiles
      - A company profile, outlining the business, product, market and
        manufacturing strategies employed by a key player in the performance
        apparel industry
      - A summary of business news and developments affecting global
        performance apparel markets, majoring on innovations, mergers and
        acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, and financial performances
     Why performance apparel?
     Performance apparel represents one of the fastest growing sectors of the
 international textile and clothing industry. Market growth is being fuelled by
 the emergence of new fibres, new fabrics and innovative process technologies.
     The market is also being boosted by changes in consumer lifestyles. People
 are living longer and spending more time on leisure activities. New high-tech
 fabrics are being developed for a wide range of active sports such as
 aerobics, athletics, running, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, swimming,
 sailing, windsurfing, ballooning, parachuting, snowboarding, and ski-ing.
     Exciting innovations are emerging in fire retardant materials and those
 which protect against extreme temperatures. Added to that is the growing
 market for corporatewear -- which, in some cases, is becoming increasingly
     And, increasingly, high-tech fabrics and apparel designed for high
 performance wear are crossing over the boundary into everyday fashion.
     Who should read Performance Apparel Markets?
     Whether you are connected with fibres, textiles, fashion, sportswear,
 protective clothing, corporatewear, or leisurewear -- or any other type of
 apparel -- Performance Apparel Markets will help you to plan the future
 strategy of your business.
      Outline of Contents:
      3 Fast track: runaway success
      11 Product developments and innovations
      11 Fibres and yarns for performance apparel
      11 Moisture management technology
      12 Temperature control technology
      13 Wearable technology
      16 Fabric treatments
      17 Smart fabrics
      18 Nanotechnology
      19 High visibility apparel
      20 Garment design technology
      21 Microencapsulation: for enhanced textile performance
      21 Summary
      21 Introduction
      22 Microencapsulation methods
      23 The structure of microcapsules
      24 Advantages of microencapsulation technology
      26 Phase-change materials for thermoregulation
      27 Aromatherapy and fragrance release
      29 Cosmeto-textiles and skin care benefits
      31 Thermochromic and photochromic microcapsules for colour change
      34 Antimicrobial and deodorising finishes
      35 Medical textile applications
      36 Insect-repellent and insect-resist treatments
      37 Flame retardant textiles
      38 Chemical protection
      39 Outlook
      40 Profile of Cognis: a leader in speciality textile treatments
      40 Summary
      40 Introduction
      42 Company development
      43 Products and markets
      45 Sales and marketing
      46 Financial performance
      48 Outlook
      49 Business update
      49 Investments
      49 Joint ventures, cooperation, licensing and distribution agreements
      51 Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
      53 Markets
      57 Sports participation
      58 Financial results
      68 Trademark disputes
      68 Trade fairs and conferences
      70 Awards
      72 Glossary: terms and definitions
      81 Index
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