Research and Markets: Opportunities for Nano-Engineered Solutions in the Electrical Power Industry Worldwide

Mar 24, 2005, 00:00 ET from Research and Markets

    DUBLIN, Ireland, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets
 ( has announced the addition
 of Nano-engineered Energy Markets: New Opportunities for Electricity
 Generation and Transmission, Local Power Storage and Alternative Energy
 Sources to their offering.
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     Electrical grids worldwide face unprecedented challenges. Traditional
 sources of fuel for electricity generation are rising rapidly in price at a
 time when industrialization in China, India and elsewhere is pushing up the
 demand for electricity. There are also huge environmental and political
 pressures to change the fuel sources that drive power stations and to run
 electricity grids more efficiently.
     Nanotechnology appears to have a unique contribution to make in meeting
 these goals. Nano-engineering promises highly efficient new conductors and
 superconductors that could gradually replace current transmission facilities.
 Nano-enabled solutions, such as supercapacitors, will create entirely new
 opportunities for local electricity storage and may gradually lead to new
 distributed architectures for electricity grids. These new networks will lead
 to much lower rates of energy wastage. At the same time, nanoengineering is
 breathing new life into alternative energy sources -- especially solar power
 and fuel cells. These renewable energy sources may eventually play a
 significant role both in alleviating demand pressure on the grid and as direct
 sources of power for the grid itself.
     This new report will pinpoint and quantify the opportunities for
 nano-engineered solutions in the electrical power industry worldwide. It
 examines timeframes and strategies for their implementation in the light of
 government subsidies, regulatory requirements, anticipated costs of fossil
 fuels and the huge costs involved in transitioning grids to new technologies.
 Forecasts are broken out by application, technology platform and geography. It
 also takes a look at what commercial firms are currently doing in this area
 and which nascent technologies and products seem likely to be commercialized
 over the next eight years. The report would be valuable to strategic planners
 at power companies, manufacturers of electricity industry plant and equipment,
 solar energy companies, battery and fuel cell firms, materials suppliers and a
 broad range of nanotechnology firms and investors.
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