Research and Markets: The Future of 'Nano Displays' A Market and Technology Forecast

Mar 24, 2005, 00:00 ET from Research and Markets

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     For decades display technology meant CRTs. In the 1980s, the arrival of
 electronic games and cell phones resulted in the spread of primitive LED and
 LCD displays. With HDTV now a reality, there has been a burst of activity with
 new types of thinner, higher-resolution screens based on LCDs, plasma and even
 MEMS. Nanotechnology now appears to offer some important new directions for
 displays that could present serious challenges to established CRT, LCD and
 plasma displays for the television and IT market, as well as revolutionary new
 flexible displays that will address the needs of the burgeoning mobility
     This report examines the impact that nanotechnology will have on the
 display business and when that impact will occur. In addition to an assessment
 of the new nanotech-enabled displays, this report also provides profiles and
 strategic appraisals of firms active in the nanodisplay sector, along with an
 eight-year market forecast broken out by display type, size and technology
     Chapter One: Introduction
     1.1 Background to Report
     1.2 Scope of Report
     1.3 Methodology of Report
     1.4 Plan of Report
     Chapter Two: Assessment of Nanotechnologies Impacting the Display Industry
     2.1 Plastic Electronics and Flexible Displays
     2.1.1 Comparison of Alternative Technologies for Flexible Displays
     2.1.2 Key Technical and Market Advantages
     2.1.3 Prospects for Roll-up Displays and "Electronic Paper"
     2.1.4 Outstanding Technical Issues and Factors Retarding the Market
     2.2 Carbon Nanotubes and Field Emission Displays
     2.2.1 Key Technical and Market Advantages
     2.2.2 Comparison with Existing Display Technologies
     2.2.3 Outstanding Technical Issues and Factors Retarding the Market
     2.3 The Role of OLEDs
     Chapter Three: Strategic Assessment of Firms Involved with Nano-Displays
     3.1 Applied Nanotech
     3.2 Asahi Glass
     3.3 Cambridge Display Technologies
     3.4 cDream
     3.5 DuPont
     3.6 France Telecom
     3.7 Eikos
     3.8 E Ink
     3.9 French Atomic Energy Authority
     3.10 Hitachi
     3.11 ITRI
     3.12 Lucent/Bell Labs
     3.13 Mitsubishi
     3.14 Motorola/Freescale
     3.15 NHK
     3.16 Noritake
     3.17 Philips/Polymer Vision
     3.18 Polymer Vision
     3.19 Samsung
     3.20 Sony
     3.21 Firms Working On Military Displays
     Chapter Four: Forecast of Nano-Display Markets by Size and Technology
     4.1 Television Displays
     4.2 Computer Displays
     4.3 Cell Phone/Handheld Displays
     4.4 Military Displays
     4.4 Other Displays
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