Research and Markets: World Supply and Demand of Salt to Continue Steady Rise

May 23, 2005, 01:00 ET from Research and Markets

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     Salt is perhaps the one industrial mineral that is used by virtually every
 human being. It can also be found in every country and is produced
 commercially in some 120 countries of the world. World production of salt in
 2003 stood at 223Mt, falling slightly from the record level of 225Mt in 2002,
 but supply continues to exceed demand by an estimated 10Mt. Most of the
 markets for salt are mature, especially those of North America and Western
 Europe, and growth in world output has averaged no more than 1.5%pa since
 1994. Growth rates are not expected to increase in the coming five years and
 hence output should reach around 244Mt in 2009. End use patterns are very
 similar among developed nations, where the chemical industry is dominant,
 while in lesser-developed countries food and agriculture tend to be more
 important applications.
     The two main salt consuming regions are Southeast Asia and North America.
 While the economic downturn of 2001 and 2002 has restricted growth in demand
 in many regions, demand for downstream products in Southeast Asia, in
 particular PVC, has shown relatively strong growth and consequently salt
 demand here has grown at a rate faster than the world average. Salt
 consumption in food has risen by 1.4%pa in the past 28 years and will continue
 to rise in line with world population growth, with proportionately more being
 consumed in developing countries.
     'The Economics of Salt' analyses the key trends, issues and developments
 in the market. It provides a clear insight into all areas of the industry and
 an authoritative analysis of the prospects for the future.
     Companies mentioned:
     - l'Enterprise Nationale du Sel
     - El Nasr Salines Co.
     - Egyptian Salt and Minerals Co. of Alexandria
     - Panbros Salt Industry Ltd
     - Magadi Soda Co.
     - Compagnie Saliniere de Madagascar
     - Cape Cross Salt Mining (Pty) Ltd
     - Salt Co. Ltd.
     - Walvis Bay Salt Refiners
     - Union Dicon Salt Ltd.
     - Dangote Group
     - Societe Nouvelle des Salins du Sine-Saloum
     - Orange River Salt Works- Saltcor (Pty) Ltd
     - Swartkops Sea Salt Ltd./Marina Sea Salt
     - Coastal Salt Works Co. Ltd.
     - Nyanza Salt Mines (T) Ltd.
     - Compagnie General des Salines de Tunisie
     - Canadian Salt Co. Ltd.
     - Dow Chemical Canada Inc.
     - IMC Global Inc.
     - Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
     - Sifto Canada Inc.
     - Guantanamo Salt Mine Enterprise
     - Comercial Salinera de Yucatan SA de CV
     - Exportadora del Sal SA
     - American Rock Salt Co. LLC
     - Cargill Salt
     - Compass Minerals Group
     - Hutchinson Salt Co.
     - IMC Global Inc
     - Lyons Salt Co.
     - Morton Salt
     - Olin Chlor-Alkali Products
     - United Salt Corp
     - US Salt LLC
     - Cia. Introductora de Buenos Aires SA
     - La Industria Salinera SA
     - Cia. Nacional de Alcalis
     - Henrique Lage Salineira do Nordeste SA
     - Refinaria Nacional do Sal (RNS)
     - Salina Diamante Branco
     - Sociedad Punta de Lobos S.A
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     - Productora de Sal
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     - Cheetham Salt Limited
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     - Pacific Salt Pty. Ltd.
     - Haiyuan Group
     - Shandong Ocean Chemical Industry Group Co.
     - Hebei Changlu Cangzhou Salt Industrial Group
     - Hebei Changlu Daqinghe Salt Chemical Group
     - Tangshan Sanyou Alkali Industry Co. Ltd
     - Jiangsu Salt Industry Group Corp. (JSI)
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     - Dahua Group Ltd.
     - Yingkou Salt Industry (Group) Co. Ltd.
     - Tianjin Changlu Haijing Group Co. Ltd.
     - Tianjin Changlu Hangu Saltern Co. Ltd.
     - Sichuan Jiuda Salt (Group) Corp.
     - PT Garam (Persero)- Dominion Salt Ltd
     - Taiwan Salt Industrial Corp. (TaiSalt)
     - Pimai Salt Co. Ltd.
     - Vietnam National Salt Corp. (Visalco)
     - Chowgule and Co. (Salt) Ltd.
     - Gujarat Alkalis and Chemicals Ltd. (GACL)
     - Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd. (GHCL)
     - Hindustan Salt Ltd.
     - Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd.
     - Solaris ChemTech Ltd.
     - Tamil Nadu Salt Corp. Ltd
     - Tata Chemicals Ltd.
     - Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd
     - Dead Sea Works Ltd.
     - Israel Salt Industries Ltd
     - Jordan Safi Salt Co
     - Jordan Salt Refinery
     - Pakistan Mineral Development Corp
     - Punjab Mineral Development Corp
     - Lanka Salt Ltd.
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     - Wacker-Chemie GmbH
     - Hellenic Saltworks SA
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     - Societa Italiana Sali Alcalini SpA
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     - Syndial SpA
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     - Cleveland Potash Ltd.
     - Ineos Chlor Ltd
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     - JSC Silvinit
     - JSC Uralkali
     - Solivary Presov a.s.
     - Soda Sanayii AS
     - TEKEL
     - Artyomsol SOE
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