Revised: Quartz Mountain Aerospace Unveils Its FAA Certified Single Engine Airplane

Company Manufacturing 68 Aircraft in First Year of Production Ramp Up

Mar 27, 2006, 00:00 ET from Quartz Mountain Aerospace, Inc.

    OKLAHOMA CITY, March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Quartz Mountain Aerospace, Inc.,
 based in Altus, OK, announced that it is showcasing the Federal Aviation
 Administration Type Certified model of a $200,000, four-seat, high-winged
 Model 11E single-engine airplane today at the Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma
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     The company, formerly known as Luscombe Aircraft Corp., explained that the
 Model 11E, which will be used primarily as a trainer, is an adaptation of the
 Luscombe Model 11A, introduced in 1946.  The new model is distinguished by
 superior in-flight and landing stability.
     The company said that it already has commitments for its first few years
 of planned production of Model 11E. It is planning to produce about 68
 aircraft during the 12 months beginning in September, ramping up to 250
 aircraft, or about $50 million in sales for the 12 months starting in
 September 2007, and 300 aircraft and sales of $60 million during the following
 12 months.
     John S. Daniel, Quartz Mountain's president and chief operating officer,
 said, "Our ability to start manufacturing and to amass the financial resources
 we need to ramp up production over the next few years has and will continue to
 require substantial financial resources."
     The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education ("Career Tech")
 is a state-funded agency that provides employment training, among other
 objectives. Through its Southwest Technology Center (SWTC) in Altus, they are
 providing specialized and customized training for those in the Southwest
 Oklahoma.  SWTC is collaborating with Quartz Mountain Aerospace (QMA) to
 customize curricula for the various trades associated with the Model 11E.
 SWTC's first class of trained students are now employed at QMA.  They have a
 second class scheduled for graduation in May of 2006.  For convenience and
 hands-on instruction the SWTC school is conducted in a facility adjacent to
 the QMA manufacturing facility.
     "As those in the aircraft industry know," Daniel added, "getting a new
 plane certified is a major feat.  The confidence and support of Oklahoma has
 gotten us this far, and we expect to repay this support with a boost to the
 rural areas of the state by adding jobs and stimulating their economy."
     "Based on present sales commitments," said Daniel, a former top production
 executive of Cessna Aircraft, and acknowledged leader in single-engine
 aircraft manufacturing, "We are anticipating a 20% annual sales growth after
 our second year of production, so that by year four of production, beginning
 September 2009, we would be manufacturing up 360 aircraft in a 12-month
 period, which translates into approximately $72 million in sales."
     Daniel said that Quartz Mountain Aerospace has purchase commitments from
 Global Aviation Partners, which represents more than 100 flight schools
 throughout the country.
     Col. Geno Redman (USAF, ret.), head of economic development for area, said
 that 300 aircraft per year would add about 300 new jobs at the company itself.
 In addition, another 100 plus jobs will be created at the company's
 manufacturing suppliers in Alva, Ardmore, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and other
 Oklahoma-based companies. Quartz Mountain Aerospace is headquartered at Altus,
 in Jackson County, which lost 2.15 percent of its population between 2004 and
 2005.  Only one county in the nation suffered a larger loss.
     Col. Redman also noted that while Quartz Mountain Aerospace is a good
 start, southwest Oklahoma must continue to work on a number of upcoming
 projects that utilize the resources of the area in an effort to stabilize the
 economic and population base of the region.  Currently, Col. Redman is working
 with Quartz Mountain Aerospace to identify and relocate a second light
 aircraft company that needs production capacity to the Altus area in an
 attempt to double the work force to 600.  Other projects include a recently
 announced joint use facility with the Altus Air Force Base.  Based on aircraft
 manufacturing industry salaries, the initial 400 jobs are equal to an annual
 payroll of about $17 million.
     About the 185 Horsepower Model 11E
     The Model 11E is a four-place, single-engine, fuel-injected, tricycle-
 gear, all-metal aircraft, with superb performance and handling
 characteristics, and a spacious utility interior.  New nose wheel steering
 aids the sturdiness of the craft and helps pilots establish a level of ground
 directional control that no other aircraft in its class can achieve. The climb
 rate is 876 feet-per-minute.  Normal cruise rate is 133 mph.  The plane has a
 range of 575 miles with fuel capacity of 40 gallons.  The fuel-injected engine
 produces 185 hp at only 2450 RPM consuming a mere 7.4 gallons per hour. The
 model is extremely sturdy.
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