RFID Journal Announces European Executive Conference

First RFID Journal LIVE! Europe to be Held 11-12 October 2005 at the

Hotel Okura Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Retail Giants Marks & Spencer, Metro and Tesco Among Top Speakers

Mar 16, 2005, 00:00 ET from RFID Journal

    NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- RFID Journal announced today it will
 hold its first European executive conference 11 to 12 October 2005 at the
 Hotel Okura Amsterdam, The Netherlands. RFID Journal LIVE!  Europe
 (http://www.rfidjournallive.com/europe) will feature executive presentations
 from early adopters across Europe including Marks & Spencer, Metro and Tesco,
 and will be lead by RFID Journal founder, editor and global RFID expert Mark
     "European companies have been among the global leaders in producing and
 using RFID technologies, but the use of RFID in the global supply chain
 creates some unique challenges for retailers, manufacturers and logistic
 providers," Roberti said. "With RFID Journal's unique, global perspective,
 this event will give end users a clearer view of what their next steps should
     More than 200 high-level executives at the two-day conference will explore
 topics that include how Europe's role in leading RFID adoption can spur the
 use of EPC technologies in the global supply chain, as well as the
 opportunities and risks faced by early adopters.
     Through interactive case studies, end users, independent experts and
 suppliers will discuss the future of EPC and ISO technologies in the 13.56 MHz
 and UHF bands; the impact of new regulations governing RFID readers;
 integration with suppliers in Asia, North America and throughout the world;
 and much more. The focus will be on deploying RFID profitably in retail,
 manufacturing and supply chain operations.
     Confirmed speakers to date include:
      *  John Clarke, CTO, Tesco Stores Ltd.  Supermarket giant Tesco began its
         secure supply chain rollout in order to track high-value and high-
         shrink products through their supply chain and into their stores.
         Completion of the project is expected by the end of 2005.
      *  Dirk Heyman, Director Auto-ID Europe, Gillette Group International.
         One of the founding members of the Auto-ID Center at MIT in 1999,
         Gillette participates in setting EPCglobal standards, with a focus on
         outlining future challenges, business cases and possible next steps in
      *  James Stafford, Head of RFID Project, Marks & Spencer (M&S). M&S, one
         of the UK's leading retailers of clothes, food and home products, uses
         RFID tags to track items of clothing, and is extending its RFID item-
         level tagging to other products including lingerie and the M&S' food
         supply chain.
      *  Gerd Wolfram, Director IT Strategy, IT Buying and Development
         Services, Metro.  Metro, the world's third-largest retailer, is
         successfully implementing RFID readers and tags at its biggest German
         distribution centre.
     To learn more about RFID Journal LIVE! Europe or to register for the
 conference, go to http://www.rfidjournallive.com/europe. For sponsorship
 information, contact Nancy Puglisi, VP of Sales, at nancy@rfidjournal.com.
 RFID Journal LIVE! Europe is co-produced by Mosaic Media Partners.
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