Riiser Energy Brings Maid-Rite Restaurants to Wisconsin & the U.P.

Sep 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from Riiser Energy

    WAUSAU, Wis., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Riiser Energy recently partnered
 with the Maid-Rite Corporation to bring their famous chain of restaurants to
 Wisconsin and Michigan's U.P.  Notorious for their seasoned to perfection
 ground beef sandwiches, Maid-Rite restaurants will be moving into the area
 soon, beginning with the R-Store on Sixth and Forest in Wausau, Wisconsin and
 followed shortly by the new-to-industry location with inside customer seating
 and a drive-thru at the new R-Store currently under construction in Plover,
     The short-range plan is to open Maid-Rite restaurants in many of Riiser
 Energy's R-Stores, while the long-range plans include the development of as
 many as sixty new Maid-Rites throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of
 Michigan.  Riiser Energy will act as a franchisee operating Maid-Rite
 restaurants in many of the R-Store locations, and will also be the franchising
 agent for other entities desiring to establish the Maid-Rite brand at stand-
 alone or co-branded convenience store sites.
     "We think that Maid-Rite will be a natural fit within our R-Stores because
 the concept is entirely new to the area.  The food quality is excellent, the
 menu offerings are attractive and they're affordable -- we couldn't ask for a
 better solution for our R-Store customers," stated James L. Kemerling,
 President and Chief Operating Officer of Riiser Energy.
     Not only are all of the Maid-Rite menu items made to order, but the
 ingredients used are only of the highest quality.  For example, all Maid-Rite
 sandwiches are made exclusively from Midwest corn-fed beef.  But it's not only
 the sandwiches that Maid-Rite is famous for, its menu also features items such
 as Broaster Chicken, malts and shakes and Breaded Tender-Loins.  In addition,
 Maid-Rite also features a breakfast menu consisting of fresh baked cinnamon
 rolls, fresh baked biscuits and gravy, sausage and egg biscuit sandwiches and
 hash brown wedges, along with coffee and orange juice.  Maid-Rite has made
 every effort to offer a healthier menu, by using shortening that has no
 cholesterol or trans-fatty acids.  The Maid-Rite menu even features a Carb-
 Rite Cup for those health-conscience diners.
     Both companies have established reputations as dependable; Riiser Energy
 familiar to Central Wisconsin residents for sixty years, with Maid-Rite's
 history spanning nearly eighty years.  "Maid-Rite has the same values and
 philosophies as Riiser in what we deliver to our customers and in the quality
 of service that we provide to our customers, not to mention our delicious menu
 served in our restaurants day in and day out," emphasized Bradley Burt,
 President & CEO of Maid-Rite Corporation.
     The popularity of Maid-Rite and its delicious sandwiches is turning into a
 near nation-wide obsession.  The major restaurant chain will be featured in
 December, airing on the Travel Channel's "Taste of America Program" where
 Maid-Rite's fresh ground beef sandwiches are being showcased in one of its
 upcoming segments on famous sandwiches in America.
     Jim Kemerling of Riiser said, "We are looking forward to seeing the
 familiar Maid-Rite red and white stop sign logo as a beacon all across
 Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula inviting people to stop in and enjoy Maid-
 Rite's great tasting food.  We hope all of our customers have the opportunity
 when visiting our R-Stores to experience what Maid-Rite has to offer in their
 delicious menu and friendly hospitality."
     Although Maid-Rite is brand new to Wisconsin and the U.P., it is
 considered a sandwich institution in Middle America.  In a recent Iowa survey,
 Maid-Rite was named the most popular sandwich, and one of the most popular
 foods to the residents of Iowa.  Maid-Rite t-shirts and other apparel are
 frequently ordered on-line by consumers across the nation.
     About the R-Stores
     R-Store, now with 23 locations throughout Central Wisconsin, is known for
 their dependable service and wide variety of snacks and gift items within each
 of their stations.  Visit them online at http://www.riiser.com for future
 specials and give-away details.
     About Maid-Rite
     The Maid-Rite tradition started in 1926 when a local butcher in Muscatine,
 Iowa by the name of Fred Angel created his now famous Maid-Rite loose meat
 sandwich.  When Mr. Angel created his fresh ground beef recipe, which includes
 its secret special seasoning, he gave a sample to the postman who was visiting
 his butcher shop, who after tasting Mr. Angel's sandwich stated, "You know,
 Fred, this sandwich is made right."  Thus, the name Maid-Rite was created, and
 has become an icon among its thousands and thousands of loyal customers here
 in the Midwest.  http://www.maid-rite.com

SOURCE Riiser Energy