Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Guarantees One Million Dollar Prize in Slot Tournament

May 05, 1998, 01:00 ET from Riviera Hotel & Casino

    LAS VEGAS, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- It's official!  Word is now out!  The
 Riviera Hotel & Casino is guaranteeing one million dollars as the First Place
 prize to one lucky slot player at its Spin for the Gold Slot Tournament to be
 held on June 12 through 16.
     The Slot Tournament is actually three separate tournaments played over
 three days, giving participants three separate chances at $100,000 in cash and
 prizes each day.  Any person not receiving a cash prize will receive a $100
 gift certificate toward any future Riviera Slot Tournament.  The individual
 with the highest overall combined score from all three days will be the First
 Place winner and the very lucky recipient of the guaranteed one million
 dollars.  The million dollars will be payable in equal annual installments
 over 15 years, or the winner may take $750,000 in cash right away.
     The daily prize structure, based on 1,000 total entries, but may be
 adjusted to the actual number of entries, is as follows: 1st Place - $15,000;
 2nd Place - $10,000; 3rd Place - $5,000; 4th Place - $3,000; 5th Place -
 $2,000; 6th-l2th Place - $1,000; 13th-30th Place - $500; 31st-60th Place -
 $300; 61st-100th Place - $200 and 101st-400th Place - $100.
     Director of Casino Marketing Christine Gigante explains, "You've never had
 a better chance at becoming a millionaire than at the million dollar Spin for
 tile Gold Slot Tournament.  One out of 1,000 people entered in this tournament
 is guaranteed to win a million dollars.  The odds are in your favor.  Whether
 getting primed for tournament play or taking a break between sessions, you
 will enjoy a wide variety of player favorite machines in our liberal payout
 areas, such as the World's Loosest Corner of slots, dollar-town USA, Nickel
 Heaven and the Nickel Town Casino."
     This golden opportunity to win a million dollars is open to anyone at
 least 21 years of age, and if you register no later than May 22, you also
 qualify for a chance to win a brand new 1998 Buick Riviera.
     For further information, please call: 800-437-7951 or 702-794-9571.

SOURCE Riviera Hotel & Casino