Rolling With The Stones By Bill Wyman with Richard Havers

'There is no denying The Rolling Stones' position as the greatest rock 'n'

roll band of all time.' - Women's Wear Daily, 1975

'God - if I commit suicide I'm gonna miss the next Stones album.'

- Patti Smith, 1976

'The combination of music and sex was something I had never encountered in any

other group.' - Andrew Loog Oldham, 1963

Sep 15, 2005, 01:00 ET from DK Publishing

    NEW YORK, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Rolling Stones recently announced
 to the world and their millions of fans that they are going on tour and
 releasing a well anticipated new CD. On October 28, 2002, DK Publishing
 released ROLLING WITH THE STONES by Bill Wyman and Richard Havers (Hardcover,
 $50.00), the real inside story of life in the world's most famous rock 'n'
 roll band -- told by the two men who remember it best.  Now, Richard Havers,
 one of the world's leading music historians is available to shed light on this
 fantastic musical group and touch on their legendary status today.
  Richard Havers is available for interviews nationwide via phone. For further
             information or to request an interview, please contact
                                Cristina Occaso
                                 (646) 674-4049
     ROLLING WITH THE STONES is a stunning visual tour of the author's personal
 archive of memorabilia, collected over 30 years as the band's bass player.
 Not only has Wyman kept detailed diaries since childhood, but since the
 Stones' early days in the 1960's he has obsessively collected everything
 pertaining to the band: manuscripts, press clippings, stage outfits,
 instruments, posters, play lists, private photographs and more.
     Illustrated with more than 3,000 photographs, ROLLING WITH THE STONES is
 the first complete all-access biography of the band from the inside.  From
 their births, to their early days as a struggling rhythm and blues outfit, to
 the heyday of their stadium-filling celebrity, this book tells the story of
 Mick, Keith, Charlie, Brian, Stu, Woody, Mick Taylor, and of course, Bill, as
 they courted adversity, took risks, and generated more media hysteria than any
 other band before or since.
     ROLLING WITH THE STONES also includes quotations from hundreds of Stones
 insiders, friends, family and fans whose memories evoke time and place and
 explain the forces that shaped this most celebrated band. Wyman's honest and
 humorous narrative, mixed with Richard Havers' objective commentary, details
 all of the key moments in the band's history, including drug busts, love
 affairs, courtroom dramas, tax exile, and solo careers.
     The ultimate book about the ultimate rock band, ROLLING WITH THE STONES is
 a must have for any fan looking to come away with more then just a t-shirt.
     About the authors:
     Richard Havers spent 20 years working in the airline industry, most
 recently as Vice President Europe for Continental Airlines. In 1989,
 approaching the age of 40, he decided he needed to pursue his passion for
 music. He began working in advertising, writing and producing over 2000 ads,
 jingles, and sound-a-like recordings for radio and television. He has produced
 in-flight radio shows for airlines and launched one of Turkey's first
 commercial radio stations. He has also produced concerts for artists such as
 Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Chicago, and America. Richard and Bill have
 been friends for a number of years and first collaborated on the TV series and
 book of Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey, and won the Blues Foundation's "Keeping
 The Blues Alive" Award For Literature in 2002. Havers lives in the Scottish
 borders with his partner Christine
     Bill Wyman was born in Southeast London and joined The Rolling Stones in
 1962.  He has written three books: Stone Alone: The Story of a Rock and Roll
 Band, Wyman Shoots Chagall, and Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey.  In addition to
 playing with the Stones, he has released solo recordings and formed a new band
 called Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, with whom he has released four acclaimed
 albums.  He lives with his wife and three daughters in London.
      By Bill Wyman with Richard Havers
      Publication date: October 28, 2002
      Price: $50.00
      Pages: 512
      ISBN: 0-7894-8967-8

SOURCE DK Publishing