Ross Perot to Open Major Nanotechnology Event in Dallas

Feb 14, 2006, 00:00 ET from Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.

    DALLAS, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- H. Ross Perot of Dallas, internationally
 renowned business leader and two time Presidential candidate, will deliver the
 opening remarks at nanoTX'06 September 27, 2006, a world scale nanotechnology
 conference and expo held at the Dallas Convention Center
 ( ) .  Chosen in 2004 as one of history's 10 greatest
 entrepreneurs, Mr. Perot is known to have followed advances in nanotechnology
 since 1999.  Today Mr. Perot is heavily invested in nanotechnology firms with
 undervalued intellectual property rights, including trademarks, trade secrets,
 patents and copyrightable material.
     Mr. Perot has a history of betting on promising technology and made the
 bulk of his $3.7 billion fortune by starting the data-processing company
 Electronic Data Systems (EDS).  Over the years Mr. Perot has received numerous
 awards for his business success and community service, including the
 Eisenhower Award for support of the nation's Armed Forces, the Medal for
 Distinguished Public Service (highest civilian award presented by the
 Department of Defense; given for his efforts supporting U.S. prisoners of
 war), and the Patrick Henry Award (first recipient; given to a U.S. citizen
 for outstanding service to his country).  As a noted author, his several books
 include Preparing Our Country for the 21st Century.
     Top minds in nanotechnology from around the world will participate in
 nanoTX'06 at the Dallas Convention Center Sept. 27-28, 2006.  Sponsors include
 Lockheed Martin, Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, the Japanese Consulate,
 Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C. and Zyvex, among other big firms and
 organizations in nanotechnology.
     Scheduled presenters include top minds in four vital and interrelated
 nanotech areas of commerce: Semiconductor/MEMS/NEMS, Defense/Homeland
 Security/Aerospace, Biomed/Health Sciences, and Energy/Chemical/Environment,
 plus the conference will feature an intense study of Trends/Finance/Investing
 by leading experts of industry in addition to H. Ross Perot.
     "There are 40 countries with state sponsored nanotechnology programs,
 including Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, Canada, Australia, France, and the
 list keeps growing," says Kordzik who will present on the $200 million Texas
 Emerging Technology Fund at the conference along with the governor's Deputy
 Chief of Staff, Phil Wilson, and Mark Ellison, Director of the Texas Emerging
 Technology Fund.  Wilson and Ellison will also explain how the fund is being
 used around the state to commercialize advanced technologies such as
     One of the highlights of nanoTX'06 will be the Nobel Laureate Legends
 reception, dedicated to the memory of the late Richard Smalley and Jack Kilby,
 where Nobel Prize winners in various related fields will openly discuss their
 work and the future of nanotechnology.  Among the six Nobel laureates to be
 honored will be Dr. Robert Curl of Rice University (Buckyball fame, and
 colleague of Dr. Smalley); Dr. Alan MacDiarmid of the University of Texas,
 Dallas (2000 winner, Synthetic Metals); Dr. Michael Brown, UTSW Medical Center
 (Medicine, 1985); Dr. Alfred Gilman, UTSW Medical Center, (Medicine, 1994);
 Dr. Russell Hulse, UT Dallas (Physics, 1993); Dr. Ferid Murad, UT Medical
 School, Houston (Medicine, 1998).
     "This is shaping up to be a historical gathering of the top minds and
 talent in nanotechnology," says Kordzik.  "Government, academia, and business
 professionals from state, national and international organizations will
 converge to participate in a world class nanotechnology event."
     For more information on nanoTX'06 go to:
     An interview with Kelly Kordzik can be read at the nanoTX'06 web site,
     (Nanotechnology is the study and application of elements only a few atoms
 wide.  A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is
 revolutionizing a wide range of products -- from computer hard drives and
 sunblock cream to car tires -- and will soon become a cornerstone of every
 manufacturing industry.  "Big business is poised ... In fact, industry is now
 taking a leading role in setting the national nanotechnology agenda.  Academic
 push has given way to industry pull," as Stan Williams, Director of Quantum
 Science at Hewlett-Packard is quoted in Small Times Magazine.)

SOURCE Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.